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Author:Phil Lederer
email: lederer@simon.rochester.edu
Fri, Nov 20th, 2015 04:22:39 PM
Topic: Info about this Prayer rug

RK Replies

Hey There Phil:

The prayer rug you bought is western Anatolian, probably woven somewhere between Ladik and Kirseheir.

It is circa 1900.

And sorry we can't tell you what that iconography meant to the weaver.


I wondered if anyone could tell me anything about this rug that I bought at a local auction? I am intrigued by the repeating symbol on the border that this ignorant individual (moi) thinks looks like a house with two figures in it with a tree with three branches. The best view comes from the picture of the reverse. Any thoughts?

Phil in Rochester NY

These are from the auction house web site:

https://hessney.hibid.com/lot/22391079/33--x-53--oriental-rug/?sort=2&ref=catalog front

https://hessney.hibid.com/lot/22391079/33--x-53--oriental-rug/?sort=2&ref=catalog back

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