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Fri, Jan 15th, 2016 01:52:42 PM
Topic: Pretty Pictures don't a Pundit Make

Today RK heard mr rugtracker.com, aka john taylor, has published online a 'review' of a group of Turkmen rugs entitled "Saryk Main Carpet Review".

Once again, taylor has virtually regurgitated a plethora of photographs, sale dates and prices plus a few tidbits of related insider information. A good effort RK agrees.

However, such illustrations and sales info without any cogent commentary leaves readers far short of anything that might be considered a 'review'.

RK has previously commented on taylor's lack of ability to say anything intelligent, or even vaguely worthwhile, about the carpet photos he has spent such a long time collecting, collating and many long boring hours sitting in front of a scanner digitizing.

Shame really, as a groaning board of photographs without even a modicrum of commentary seems to us like having a great meal served without knife and fork to eat it with.

We have also made it clear why this is the case, as we are sure many readers of his website would far more greatly benefit if there was knowledgeable commentary about those pictures.

So while taylor has proven he has no expertise or deeper knowledge to impart, is it perhaps better he does just abstain from trying to say something cogent and just get on with his posting photos and sales histories?

This surely has limited value for a certain small group of carpet collectors, but RK cannot help believe mr rugtrackers not offering commentary, and worse his failures to do so correctly when he does, is typical for rugDUMB:

"A place where the blind are often leading the blind, and the man with one eye is considered an eagle scout".

We are likewise fairly sure we are not alone in these thoughts.

Author: jc
Fri, Jan 15th, 2016 01:52:42 PM

Earlier this evening a reader's email informed us rugtracker.com is back online.

We just checked and found it is but there is no mention why the website was offline for such a long period.

Author: jc
Mon, Jan 4th, 2016 04:18:39 AM

Today we received an email from a reader asking if we knew why john taylor's rugtracker.com website is not operating.

We do not have any idea why taylor might have taken his website offline other than the fact maybe it has dawned on him, thanks to RK's comments, that he should forget about trying to add commentary to his picture scanning and just present the rug pictures to speak for themselves.

Other than this possibility we have no other answer.

Perhaps someone else does?

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