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Tue, Jul 5th, 2016 01:16:46 AM
Topic: Sept. 2016 Turkmen Exhibition

According to the rippon-boswell website there will be an exhibition of Turkmen rugs at their gallery from Sept. 10 - 21, 2016.

Titled : "Turkmen Carpets: A New Perspective" gossip has it the new perspective will be the unveiling of the c14 dating project/publication jurg rageth has been promising for the past decade.

We have heard it from several people close to him or to maltzahn the exhibition will be primarily from the hans sienknecht collection pieces shown and c14 dated in the book.

As we have recently written we will review rageth's text here on RugKazbah.com, and while it is not possible to judge a book by its cover, especially one that is still unseen, we highly doubt that text will provide anything close to the hype surrounding it.

Nuff said till then...

Author: jc
Tue, Jul 5th, 2016 01:16:46 AM

Seems the sell and disappear from the rug scene disease has now infected supposed uber von uber collector of Turkmen rugs hans sienknecht.

We have heard rumblings from someone close to him the coming 'exhibition' at rippon idea has become a prelude to a one owner sale.

If this is the case we can flatly state sienknecht's sale(s) will suffer the same fate of the munkasci sale and not in any way reproduce hoped for jon thompson sotheby sale results.

There is little doubt what sienknecht has is superior to munkasci's variable accumulation, but whether or not it eclipses thompson's is at this point irrevelant.


Basically because the marketplace of possible buyers has shrunk and become highly polarized.

There are buyers at the top seeking the best and buyers at the bottom seeking the cheap.

However, the important middle market is bereft of paddle wavers, and since sienknecht's primus modus operandi will be to sell his lesser pieces, and the vast number of mistakes he has made, even if he sprinkles some of his best among the mix, his auction, or auctions, will flounder and fail.

Here's a bit of advice for the aging uber collector -- forget about selling the rest and just sell the best.

But we are sure sienknecht will believe his alleged reputation will somehow produce buyers and induce them to gobble up his goods.

Good luck on that one, chump, fat chance of that happening.

Plus sienknecht's collection is large, according to some over 1500 examples, and most important the vast majority are tres passť and not really interesting or early enough for today's small contingent of highly focused Turkmen collectors.

Remember sienknecht is German and, even tough he has been buying for three decades, for most of that time he would only buy 'german condition' middle to later 19th century Turkmen pieces.

This is where the vast majority of his collection lies, a type of Turkmen weaving now almost totally ignored and eschewed by top buyers.

Author: jc
Wed, May 18th, 2016 02:06:18 AM

As readers interested in Turkmen weaving know the jurg rageth book has been extensively reviewed by RK, and as we predicted it does not manage live up to the hype surrounding its publication. In fact it is a failure, and as we characterized it "a monument to late 20th century carpet collecting hoopla".

As for our review, we are preparing the final installment and it should be online soon.

Rumor has it that rag hali is also planning on publishing another review, the totally farcical one in their last issue written by dewitt mallary, the book's English editor and USA distributor, was anything but an unpaid advertisement.

RK looks forward to reading how any unbiased reviewer could possibly produce a positive review of a publication that is a flawed and dubious as rageth's "Turkmen Carpets: A New Perspective".

But then, of course, that rag hali will not aim for objectivity.

Author: jc
Sat, Feb 20th, 2016 01:07:04 PM

Insider gossip reveals rageth will supposedly show the first completed copies of his Turkmen book to a very small select contingent attending the Vok II sale.

So if you plan on attending and see rageth do not forget to ask.

If he asks you can always tell him RK told you.

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