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Wed, Feb 10th, 2016 10:39:43 AM
Topic: Johnny Depp Does Donald Trump

Johnny Depp and a group of other hollywooders have secretly produced an admitted fake Donald J. Trump film.

Depp plays the Donald and while RK watched it and did not find anything funny enough to laugh at, there are a number of humorous, almost funny, jabs and barbs at Trump others, who perhaps do not know Trump's history as well as RK does, might laugh out loud about.

Anyway, here is the URL:


By the way, it is clear hollywood is no supporter of Republican/conservative politic, to wit instead of filming an expose of Hillary Clinton, a true nasty piece of work with a life story littered with accusations that in comparison make Trump's dastardly deeds seem inconsequential at best, a hit piece designed as a 'comedy' on Trump is their main weapon to try and stave off his becoming POTUS(president of the united states).

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