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Sat, Feb 13th, 2016 03:17:45 AM
Topic: that rag hali bookshop gaffe

For a long time RK has heard gossip from those on the inside of the hali organization that things ain't right.

We can well believe it when the leader is a twerp like ben evans; what else can one expect?

RK also knows for a fact evans is a lazy sod who does the absolute minimum to earn his keep. Witness the fact his knowledge base is a paltry and absent today as it was the day he started.

You'd think someone in that position would have, after all the years he has been editor, learned quite a bit. Well, no, not ben evans.

There are many things @hali that should be changed and getting rid of evans would be a generous head start.

But, alas, we know why michael franses, the owner and big cheese, has not made any effort to remove him.

Simple reason there is no one else, so franses is stuck with evans. So are hali's readers.

But today criticism is not really about evans or any of the magazine's content.

It concerns a very simple matter -- the selling of back issues.

Take a good look at the two screenshots below, see anything amiss?
Two screen shots made Feb 13, 2016 where that rag hali issue 165, AUTUMN 2010, is for sale at two different prices.

Right, if you noticed issue 165 is for sale for 2.90 pounds, as well as for 19.90 pounds, you're more awake than those at that rag hali.

This is not a typo error, nor the only issue that has two very different prices. There are many others we found by spending a few minutes looking abound in their bookshop offers.

What does this mean, and why is RK bothering to write about it?

Yesshh, if you can't even get your shit together to correctly and consistently price your goods for sale how can you possibly do a good job offering commentary?

Of course you can't, and this is just one other demonstration of how piss-poor that rag hali has become and is.

'Nuff said on this one...

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