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Sat, Mar 5th, 2016 09:40:01 AM
Topic: Old Dog, Old Trick

When McCoy Jones could not find any other museum to take as a donation his large Turkmen rug collection, which by the way also included 100 plus Anatolian kelim sold to him by garry muse and several top suzani which had been purchased from artweave textile gallery who bought them in Los Angeles at one of the first auctions held there by sothebys, his collection ended up in the deYoung Museum, aka Fine Art Museum of San Francisco (FAMSF).

RK knows all the details, including the large financial gift to FAMSF which accompanied McCoy's donation, as well as how McCoy bought cathryn cootner the job as curator of the textile department.

We also know the inside facts of how McCoy got muse's Anatolian Kelim collection and how artweave textile gallery came to purchase those suzani.

The details of these events will not be made public here but will see the light of day when we get around to finishing that autobiography astute readers will remember we have mentioned several times in the past.

But this missive today concerns ms cootner and how she came to be known as cathryn must buy cootner on RugKazbah.com.

RK first met cathy, as she is known to most in rugDUMB, in the early 1970's when she was married to a very brilliant mathematician by the name of Paul Cootner who was a rising star young math professor at Stanford.

Back then cathy was an active 'collector' of oriental rugs who belonged to a small circle of Bay Area aficionados RK enjoyed meeting with when we were on the left coast hunting for pieces for our collection and to sell and trade to others.

One day circa 1979 on entering their house after work Paul Cootner suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage and dropped dead on the spot. Besides losing a husband and a father this left cathy and their small son in a financial predicament, as there was no insurance to cover his loss as breadwinner for the family.

That's why and how cathy became a bedroom rug dealer up until the time McCoy bought her the job as Textile Department curator at FAMSF.

After about 6 or 7 years on the job cathy's rather obnoxious style of running the department became too much for all concerned at the museum and she was eased out the door. By the way, this description is a gentle one.

During her tenure as curator she began a close association with james blackmon, who had a rug and textile gallery in San Francisco. In fact, cootner and blackmon's association was so close that in reality she became a de facto 'partner', and together they scammed and bamboozled many a collector.

One of their little games worked as follows: cootner would wheel affluent rug collectors, or others she met in her role as curator, into blackmon's gallery and point out pieces for these naive and unsuspecting collectors to purchase.

Her sales technique were as honed and persuasive as the best used car saleman and little did these people know cootner was making healthy commissions on everything they purchased,which supplemented her already generous salary as curator.

This scam was also played every year at the major Tribal Art Show in San Francisco where on several mornings cootner would advertise "a guided walk through" the show to point out what she called "must buys".

Again, these unsuspecting sheeple were not aware cootner was getting commissions from the dealers who had these "must buys" on their stands.

RK just noticed cootner is still continuing this sham at the latest Tribal Arts Show, which took place a few weeks ago.

As reported on that rag hali's website and facebook cootner arranged two guided tours to point out so-called "Top Picks", as you can see in the photo below.

To say this is shameful is making light of a travesty, better is to say it is disgusting and totally outrageous.

But there you go, that's rugDUMB for you.

BTW: Once a thief always a thief james blackmon and his gallery are out of business and RK can't wait until something puts old dog cootner on the shelf.

Lord Knows it's about time to retire this rugDUMB grifter.

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