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Sat, Apr 2nd, 2016 03:36:57 PM
Topic: Waiting for Godot: Godot has Arrived

The long hyped Turkmen publication jurg rageth has made a living off for the past two decades, promising its appearance ad nauseum during that time, has finally been published.

RK has not yet seen it but from what we have heard from half a dozen people who have bought a copy:

1. it has good printing and color pictures; two volumes with about 800 pages

2. many of the pieces are already published elsewhere

3. the c14 dating seems unreliable at best and completely flawed at the worst

But until we have a copy and have carefully waded through it we will not comment further.

So stay tuned...

Author: jc
Sat, Apr 2nd, 2016 03:36:57 PM

As usual RK bashers have not been shy in sending us email "defending Mr Rageth" from the "defamation" we have directed at him.

Seems several people have taken umbrage to our saying jurg rageth has made a living off this long gestating Turkmen book.

Yesshhh, people who know nothing should keep their yappers shut because not only did rageth make a 25% commission (paid to him by the lab in Zurich) from all the c14 tests people like munkasci, d'hurl and hecksher paid for -- we do not know if sienknecht also paid commissions or was given the discount rate sans the rageth commission -- but at various times during the decade plus time he has been trying to get this book published, errrhhh finished, rageth directly solicited 'donations' and 'support for his project' from people in the rug community .

We know this to be fact because we have heard it from some of those people he approached, and one of them who did contribute now has received a copy from rageth as a 'gift' for his 'donation' made many years ago.

From failed Anatolian Kelim dealer to charlatan c14 promoter to questionable Anatolian Kelim and Turkmen weaving 'expert', mr jurg rageth's career in rugDUMB perfectly demonstrates a loser in life can live quite well off rugDUMB's gullible and naive population.

In any other field a poser and grifter like jurg rageth would not have been able to live, let alone prosper, from the piss-poor resume he has accrued.

But in rugDUMB, where the blind lead the deaf, dumb and blind, a loser like jurg rageth is considered by some to be a star.

He's surely no star in our opinion, nor in anyone else's who knows the truth about him and his 'career'.

BTW: We now have had the chance to see a copy of the book and will soon make our comments public.

stay tuned, much more to come...

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