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Tue, May 24th, 2016 02:04:09 AM
Topic: icoc, or i see no see?

After destroying the icoc format, which was seriously flawed but it was something, the large less than capable icoc steering committees, called executive and international, have pretended to be busy doing something. When in reality they are busy doing nothing but pretend and extend -- pretend to be planning another icoc and extending the date that will supposedly happen.

Remember, these committees are made of up stuffed-shirt a-holes like dennis dodds, alberto borlevi, wendle swan and a bunch of head-nodding co-conspirators who get expenses paid trips to committee "meetings" and other perks paid for by the revenues icoc events produce.

This would be an outrageous situation if the icoc was really doing something, however, considering this organization is doing nothing but at best treading water the facts these people are subsidized is beyond ridiculous.

What hapened to the "planned" next icoc in DOHA for 20126?

Obviously that ain't happening.

Nor will there ever be another real icoc, forget one that is a major improvement over the sad tales almost all of the previous events are known to have produced.

We said that two years ago and we were right, and we are right now. Watch and see.

And a tour organized by that rag hali isn't a conference. Only a fool would swallow that bait.

So while dealers and collectors cry in their beer steins about the lack of new collectors or interest fact remains these executive and international icoc committee members are greatly to blame for their inept and feckless 'leadership'.

In any other art area a dennis dodds, a wendle swan, an alberto boralevi would not even be carrying the bags into a hotel for real executives. Only in rugDUMB could chumps and losers like these get the chance to play 'executives'.

Yesshh, wake the F up.

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