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Author:jc with help from Warren Zevon
Tue, Jun 14th, 2016 05:05:34 PM
Topic: he's Just an Excitable boy@A.R.T.S.

Well, he went down to dinner in his Sunday best
Excitable boy, they all said
And he rubbed the pot roast all over his chest
Excitable boy, they all said
Well, he's just an excitable boy

"Excitable Boy", lyrics Warren Zevon

Detail Yomud group chuval purchased by the excitable boy

This weekend’s heralded RugDUMB event was the A.R.T.S show in Boston, Ma.

By now RK has spoken to a number of dealers and paying guests and we believe to have gotten a well-rounded view of what went down, and what did not go down, there.

Approximately 200 paying guest made their way to the Cyclorama Venue, which one of the dealers we know said was the nicest facility he had ever exhibited at…this is probably good opinion shared by all, as no one we spoke to was disappointed in the place.

But there was consternation and disappointment among a number of the dealers who did little to no business. Frankly, what do they expect these days?

Unless you have first class rarities for sale, or good pieces at cheapo prices, you will not do business. This is clear as glass, and to expect different is foolish to the max.

Seems the big excitement, well at least for the guy who bought it and anyone else who would listen to him bray about his ‘major score’ was a chuval that had been offered for sale on the internet about a month or so ago.

Yomud group Chuval looking for a new home...call excitable boy

RK spied it and emailed the seller, who we know, for the price. We quickly got a reply and although the price quoted was not unreasonable, considering the chuval was just interesting but surely not one to get all excited about, or good enough for RK's collection (we intended to acquire it and hold it for a while and then pass it along to one of our friend collectors), we did not whip out our checkbook.

So we emailed the seller back and kindly told him we thought the price fair but too much for today’s collecting environment, and said if it does not sell “come back to us with a new, lower, price”.

The next day we got a nice email from the seller saying he now agreed the price was too high but he had received a number of inquiries from “top collectors” and was asking everyone for their “best offer”.

We emailed back saying “after you get everyone’s offer tell us and we will probably be able to make a higher one”.

About three day later we emailed the seller to ask him what was going on with the chuval and he said it was sold.

There are no secrets in rugDUMB and now the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey often said, is known to RK.

Seems the seller of the chuval sold it to a dealer, who was going to be at the ARTS show and would take possession of it there.

Some top collectors, huh?

Anyway, the chuval arrived and the new owner-dealer put it out on his table and dan goodman, the rug hound, scarfed it up and spent the next two days telling anyone and everyone, who had an ear on both sides of their head, what a 'great piece' it is and how he was going to make oodles and oodles of moolah on it.

Claiming it to be “eagle group” and worth big, with a capital B, money goodman could not help but drooling on it so much we heard it worked up a lather worthy of an old English barber’s porcelain cup and boar's bristle brush.

So let RK be the first to disabuse goodman of dreams of riches, or sighting of the eagle has landed.

Advertised as Kizil Ayak by the first seller, which is as incorrect as goodman’s ‘eagle-group’, it is probably an asymmetric open right type of Yomud weaving made in the early 19th century.

It’s a nice thing, we are not dissing it, but it’s not worth more than 3-4K$, and surely is nothing to get one’s knickers all in a twist about.

Oh, and the cute little animals in the elem with their bulbous tails are just that, cute little animals with fat tails. Bird asymalyk material they surely ain't.

Probably they are descended from this ‘peacock’ which is a detail from a soumak khorjin that is at least 100 years older than the chuval.

Detail 'peacock' from a soumak khorjin that is worth getting excited about, circa 1750 ; RK Collection; published Weaving Art Museum "Soumak and Kelim:Weaving of the Caucasus" plate 9

And here are more even cuter animals than those mini-ones on the chuval with the same boulbous tail from an interesting and very beauteous Belouch large square khorjin.

Prime Belouch khorjin with peacocks, or are they just bulbous tailed hush puppies?

We learned long ago never under estimate the stupidity rampant in rugDUMB, a place where the blind pretend to have 20/20 vision while still walking with a canes and seeing eye dogs on a short leash.

So many talk the talk but few can walk the walk.

We have no doubt goodman might find some believing sucker to buy it for far more than it is worth. Or if that ploy doesn’t work goodman’s modus operandi regulus in such a case is to quickly dump the goods for what he paid, or even a loss.

How do we know this? Go ask goodman…

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