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Mon, Aug 22nd, 2016 03:54:46 AM
Topic: marcuson returns to the scene of the crime

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit included in that rag hali's announcement of the forthcoming September 1-4 "Tribal Art Fair" held at the Mall Galleries in London is the presence of alan marcuson as an exhibitor.

Many of you will remember marcuson and his cloudband.com venture went bankrupt leaving scores of investors and suppliers holding the bag losing more than a million pounds. Among this unfortunate group were marcuson's friends, family and many merchants who had provided their services and never were to receive payment for them.

RK truly does hope many of them will find out marcuson will be exhibiting and pay him a visit.

What many do not know is how marcuson greedly enriched himself at the expense of cloudband's investors, as well as to the detriment of suppliers and merchants with whom he contracted.

Another little known fact is a previous personal bankruptcy alan marcuson declared which also left behind a trail of tears. But this time all those effected were consignors who had consigned weavings and never got paid.

Nice work, marcuson, shame, shame.

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