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Mon, Sep 12th, 2016 04:08:09 PM
Topic: Turkmen rug 'symposium' @rippon boswell sept.2016

As many Turkmen rug collectors know rippon boswell auction house will sponsor a 'symposium' on Turkmen carpets to draw attention not so much to the carpets themselves but to hype its role as distributor for the Turkmen Carpets: New Perspectives publication authored by jurg rageth.

RK put the word symposium in ' ' to denote this is an in name only symposium, that actually is a PR event to promote the sales of rageth's book as well as rippon boswell's auction business.

As all of you know RK has published an extensive review of rageth's book, one that documents the serious errors and false judgments it contains.

Anyone reading our review and reading the book would have to decide whose version is correct, as it is absolutely clear both cannot be.

Since there is no other peer review in oriental rug studies besides RK, our voice is both powerful and easily ignored.

This situation breeds an unhealthy atmosphere where those like that rag hali and the entrenched so-called 'leadership' of rug studies refuses to ever critique the work of their compatriots, and others like rageth who are not in the clique but supported by them.


Simply because they do not want their work critiqued, and this -- I will not critique you so you do not critique me -- is one of the greatest foibles and disasters in carpet studies, as well as being an emperor's new clothes syndrome that limits participation of new voices and faces who can easily see the fallacy this attitude presents.

It is undeniable a book like rageth's does not fulfill the absurdly universal honorific praise it has garnered from the tiny circle of 'leaders', who pretend to be the arbiters of what is happening in rug studies. And their complete disavowal of any critical eye sullies and destroys any honesty this subject sorely needs, and so surely deserves.

No doubt this 'symposium' will be nothing but a love-fest for rageth and his failed effort to produce a lasting work of value. Forget the lost and wasted possibility of something far better he could have produced considering the amount of time he spent and the amount of money he raised and then squandered on a hundred and more pointless c14 datings, which at best is a pseudo-science when applied to contaminated material like that present in early Turkmen carpets.

Anyone who believes the contrary and thinks RK's position vis-a-vis rageth's testings, research and conclusions are wrong should consider the following quote taken from the abstract written by jurg rageth for his talk at the forthcoming rippon boswell 'symposium':

The Turkmen carpet design repertoire known today is derived from an accumulation of leftovers of important designs and motifs from historically significant periods of the world of the Ancient Near East, Late Antiquity, and early Islam.

Get it? Turkmen weavings are "derived from an accumulation of left-overs of important designs" from earlier sources.


Please now, reading this nonsense demonstrates what a turko-dolt jurg rageth truly is, and how incapable he continues to prove both at understanding what Turkmen weavings are all about and worse to remove the outmoded and atrophied prejudice the historic weaving culture of a non-urban small scale society, like that of the Turkmen, is totally dependent and derived from the trickle down of larger urban societies where weavings were produced in factory-like royal workshops and atelier.

This myopic rational is totally prejudiced, and can be easily disproved. But reading a work like rageth's, and others that franses, sphuler, Denny, thompson, etc have and continue to produce presents a fractured fairy-tale interpretation of what a major part of carpet studies should, and could be.

RK suggests rageth and others take their ideas non-urban weavings are only left-overs and circular file them instead of believing this absurd premise is anything but Ludditism and a complete failure to understand reality.

Author: jc
Mon, Sep 12th, 2016 04:08:09 PM

From the several reports we have heard the exhibition was a great success with about 130 attendees. Most stayed for the symposium and from all accounts all the speakers were boring and had little of interest to say.

The worst according to our correspondents was michael franses rehashing his already well rehearsed talk on early carpets, and going on and on...

Guess franses has not yet learned less is more.

The big question hanging over this event was: When is hans sienknecht going to offer his collection for sale?

Let RK give him a little tip: do it now, as most of the audience for Turkmen weavings is aging fast and will soon will be a dying breed. And with little to no younger generation in the wings sienknecht would be best off selling now rather than later.

Author: John Lewis
email: john_lewis@mac.com
Sat, Aug 27th, 2016 01:30:52 AM

RK Replies:

I think you are being generous, John. In this instance it is called group ignorance.


This is called "groupthink" and it occurs in many other areas of study. The participants usually end up looking very silly and as you have pointed-out C-14 dating is not a reliable technique for dating rugs.

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