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Mon, Oct 10th, 2016 03:17:40 PM
Topic: michael franses: Zelig in reverse

Woody Allen's movie "Zelig" is all about a man, Leonard Zelig, who paints himself in famous scenes of history so he can become something he isn't.

Exactly the opposite of michel franses who paints himself out of scenes in his life that happened and are history.

The reason franses does this, and does it continually, is to make himself appear more important, cover up his aching inferiority complex and pretend he isn't what he is.

As all you should know by now franses once again is the owner of hali magazine but he refuses to acknowledge this publicly, as the following publicity published in the hajji baba website makes abundantly clear.

"Michael Franses is an independent scholar, the author and publisher of numerous books and articles related to the textile arts as well as co-founder of several textile-related organizations. In 1975, Franses co-founded the International Conference on Oriental Carpets, jointly organizing the first conference in London in 1976. That year he co-founded Hali, The International Journal of Oriental Carpets and Textiles, was the publisher and co-editor until 1986, and has since remained a consultant editor and regular contributor, becoming board chairman of Hali Publications, Ltd in 2009. Franses owned The Textile Gallery in London from 1971-2009, from a town house in central London and also exhibiting at major art fairs all over the world and mounting numerous special exhibitions. Since closing his gallery he has been devoting his autumn years to study and to putting his extensive archives in order and making these widely available. He was Director of Special Cultural Projects at Qatar Museums in Doha from 2011-2016. He has now returned to Europe and is currently working on a number of projects and publications. In 2009, Franses was honored with the Joseph V. McMullan Award, presented by the Near Eastern Art Research Center for his stewardship and scholarship of Islamic rugs and textiles. He has been chosen by The Textile Museum in Washington DC as the 2010 recipient of the George Hewitt Myers Award, one of the highest accolades in the field of textile arts."

Claiming to be only chairman of the board is as bogus as Donald J Trump saying he works for the Trump Organization. But franses's Zeligs do not stop there.

It is laughable he claims for the past years, since 2009, his 'autumn years', have been devoted "to study and to putting his extensive archives in order and making these widely available." Sounds like dan, do nothing, walker who made similar claims when he got kicked out of the Textile Museum. He did nothing of the sort and neither has, or will, franses, until someone pays him to do it.

And the only reason franses closed his Textile Gallery business was because he got the job in Doha and was working at that job, and living there full time since then. So much for franses's claims to be devoting these years to 'study and making anything more available'.

Also this year franses got booted out of that job and that is the reason he has "returned to Europe."

And the books and publications he is working on are nothing but failed dead-end projects he tried and was miserably unsuccessful to get the Museum Authorities in Doha to finance.

This, and his obnoxious personality, are as we have heard it the reasons he got kicked out of his Doha job. Not the financial belt-tightening franses is going around telling everyone was the reason.

Only in rugDUMB could a prevaricator and pompous uneducated ding dong like michael franses be considered a scholar and anything but the grievous grifter and imperious clown he actually is.

And, by the way, RK would relish the chance to hear and critique franses's latest talk "An Attempt To Group the Origin of Some Central Anatolian Carpets Made Between 1500-1650" he will be delivering on his upcoming American tour. Too bad his qualifications as a 'scholar' of early Anatolian rugs is rampant with public proof he knows next to nothing about these weavings.

Need proof: That rag hali is full of old advertisements showing 18th and 19th century Anatolian rugs franses claimed to be centuries older.

And the famous bogus bellini dennis dodds cheated the Los Angeles County Art Museum's Collector's Committee into purchasing was originally michael franses's, who claimed it was 17th century in print and told dodds it was 16th century when he pawned it off on him, not the circa 1750-1800 late genre period reproduction everyone with a brain now knows it is.

To try and disprove this lack of knowledge and expertise of Anatolian weavings RK claims, someone might say those adverts in that rag hali are twenty years and more old, and it was thirty years ago that franses owned the bogus bellini. So even if he did not know enough then, surely now decades later he does.

Well, let's all remember the very recent Gunther Raps Saga where franses tried to pawn off a bunch of over-rated, over-dated and over-priced Anatolian rugs on someone he thought was an unsuspecting rich sucker. This happened only two years ago. And it conclusively proves either franses still knows little about these rugs as RK claims, or he is an unscrupulous cheat who knew his merchandise was not what he claimed but did it anyway to try to make a buck.

To say franses is on shakey ground when it comes to early Anatolian rugs is something he would have to go a long way to try and disprove. And should he ever try RK will be glad to disabuse him of the notion any time he wishes to get on a stage with us and debate his knowlege, and his career in rugDUMB.

Lastly, this upcoming tour to the USA is not so much to give talks but to try and enlist American collectors, museums and anyone else with an open wallet to fund his grandiose publication plans.

Lots of luck, franses, let RK make a prediction: You will go back to London with your hat in your hand and it will be empty."

'Nuff said...

Author: jc
Mon, Oct 10th, 2016 03:17:40 PM

Several new readers have asked about Gunter Raps and where franses's emails with him are posted.

The beginning if the Gunter Raps Saga is a four part expose called "From the Horses's Mouth". Part I can be found here:

and the other three parts here:

Then there is the three part "Workshop or village: franses's pvt collection" where RK published a number of Anatolian rugs franses offered to Gunter we have claimed are over-rated, over-dated and over-priced. We then proved our claims.

Part I can be read here:

And Parts II and III here:

Like dennis dodds, michael franses is a serial over-dater and over-rater of his inventory. And by the way neither of them has a private collection, or ever had, as they claim. Rather both have used and continue to use this ploy to make naive buyers believe they are getting something no one else has ever been offered and/or to get a buyer hot to own something perceived to be not for sale.

Little dishonest tricks like this are typical for shyster dealers who have no ethics or moral compass. Clearly, dodds and franses are not alone in perpetrating such ruse but they are the technicolor poster-boys with long histories.

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