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Fri, Jan 12th, 2018 05:16:27 AM
Topic: It's single wefted...stupid

Photo of reverse of Senneh prayer rug published by massoud milani to prove this rug is NOT single wefted, however, the photo does just the opposite and proves it IS single wefted in some places.

Recently, like yesterday, a Senneh prayer rug of a rare type showed up at a Paris, France auction.

It was bought by massoud milani for 12,000 euro inclusive of premiums.

This is not too much to have paid if one can find a strong buyer for this type of weaving in the condition it is in.

The reason for our citing it pertains to milani's dumb as a hammer assertions it is not Senneh because it is NOT single wefted. He claims it is double wefted and therefore not a Senneh/Kurdish weaving. He is wrong on both counts, but milani is another farcebook jockey with little to no real knowledge. This blunder is surely not needed to prove it to anyone.

To try and prove his pointless point milani has jabbered away and published several pictures. The last one, we reproduce above, makes it crystal clear this rug has single wefts, regardles of milani's stupid continued protestations it doesn't.

But the photo PROVES the rug has single wefta as anyone who knows what to look for can readily see.

We pegged milani as an upstart semi-ignorant rug clown when we met him in 2006 in Paris. This, and a number of other incidents, have proven our initial assessment.

Plus we are sure, like all midget-brained turko-morons. he will never admit he s wrong even though this photo he himself made and posted online proves it.

You cannot fix dumb and stupid. Don't try..

Author: jc
Fri, Jan 12th, 2018 05:16:27 AM

Perseverance is a very important character trait, however, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is foolhardy at best.

We received the photo above from monsewer massoud milani continuing his worthless attempt to prove the prayer rug is not Senneh/Kurdish but Bakshyish.

Too bad for this meat-head, mini-mind but this photo once again shows there are both single and double wefted areas, totally discounting his protestations to the contrary. We have placed some black arrors (>) to show where this occurs.

His crusade to prove a pointless point is futile, the more he tries to dig himself out of the hole he remains in the deeper it gets.

This not only proves you cannot fix stupid, it also proves trying to is a bigger waste of time.

That's it for RK, and should meat-noggin'milani email us again we will ignore it, and if he bothers to post to our website's board we will not reply unless and until he either proves his unprovable point, which is an impossibility, or faces the fact he is wrong and admits it.

Ta-ta for now milani, you faRcebook stooge.

Author: jc
Thu, Jan 11th, 2018 03:22:14 AM

Thanks to a sharp-eyed and long devoted reader for sending RK the picture, below, of the Senneh prayer rug we mntioned. It was sold at the Lefevre Auction Gallery sale of May 21, 1976.

Besdies condition, which monsewer milani's appears to be surperior, in every otheer aspect the Lefevre example outclasses it.

While we are sure monsieur milani naturally prefers his, what else is such a self-satisfying consclusion to be expected from a mini-mind like milani's.

Author: jc
Wed, Jan 10th, 2018 04:36:42 AM

monsewer milani has just informed us of a typo in our reply.

We should have written Bakshyish and not Baktyiari.

Sorry for the missed typo, but it really makes little difference as the prayer rug is for sure, 100 percent, a Senneh/Kurdish weaving and not anything else.

RK knows the type well.

The first one, and by far the best we have seen, appeared on a Lefevre Auction Catalog cover sometime in the middle/late 1970's. We have the catalog but it, like the rest of our library, is packed away and not available for reference presently.

Then, one appears in the early 2000's at a small auction in New Hampshire or Vermont. We attended and in fact were the underbidder.

There is another illustrated somewhere but at the moment we cannot be sure of the publication. Maybe some sharp reader can cite it.

There is little doubt monsewer milani believes slagging us off on his piss-puddle faRcebook group page does anything but demonstrate what a loser, clown he is. Particularly because he has banned RK's participation.

Let's all remember RugKazabh.com is open to all, and even though some take advantage of this and post defamatory trash-talk bullshit about us we allow their nonsesne to remain online. Who else has the guts and courage to do that?

Surely not pond scum monsewer milani.

Author: jc
Wed, Jan 10th, 2018 02:42:30 AM

Six months after the fact 'monsewer' milani just emailed RK the following:

"Hey ! Jerk Cassin ,

In your stupid text in your dumb website , you proved that how lier you are and you don't have knowledge about rugs !!

- YOU Lier because when I have posted it in Warp and Weft page I said some lins are single weft and some double as you can see in photo if not blind yet !!

- You Stupid because I had proved it was a Bakhsayesh in Warp and Weft page but you still think it is Seneh !!

- but Now you start to talk about me ??? ok... or you delete it in 24 hours !! Or I will start to talk about you in my media ...

Fuck you JERK !!!"

The first thing we did is email monsewer milani and explain liar is not spelled lier but rather liar.

Such an error can be excused as English is surely not his native tongue. But his assertions the rug in question, shown below, is a Baktyiari and not a Senneh surely can't be.

The question of single versus double weft is an important one, however, because this rug has such overwhelming affinities with Senneh weavings, and not Baktyiari or any other, moots it as a defiitive indicator of provenance in this instance.

Regardless of who made it, or where, the rug is an excellent and beautiful specimen. But monsewer milani's protestations it ain't a Senneh defimitely are not excellent or beautiful.

Fact is they are as dumbass as can be. But what else to expect from a very vocal member of rugdumb's pond scum tidal pool?

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