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dodds is still lying
Thu, Jul 20th, 2017 05:27:28 AM
Topic: Lies, lies, lies
dodds is still lying

Over the past few days RK has been continuing our campaign to inform facebook readers of dennis dodds's lies, his dishonest actions and his continuing attempts to cover them up with more lies.

Case and point is this photo:

Trying to deflect RK's accusations concerning the fact his "bellini" rug was never in his private collection but rather in his inventory of pieces for sale dodds posted the picture with the following comment.

"You are either a compulsive liar, Cassin, or your memory is so feeble so as to discredit your comments…here is a pic of the piece hanging prominently in our house in the living room beyond the arch. And you certainly did see it and we talked about it when you visited not one time, but two times. The living room was where you showed be(sic should be me) a few pieces you wanted to sell.

Besides the fact I never visited dodds after he had acquired the “bellini” as the complete exchange between us pictured below makes perfectly clear, this photo was also used by dodds as an advertisement for his Maqam gallery when he posted on the internet with the following caption:

This is a view of the interior of our former residential gallery. On the right wall is a rare 16th c. Chinese silk velvet and gold brocade textile from the Ming Dynasty (SOLD). Another very fine 18th c. Chinese velvet altar cover is on the wall above a kang table. On the floor is a handsome Anatolian village rug from the Karapinar region, c. 1825-50, displaying a bold large-pattern Holbein pattern on an unusual apricot ground. Beneath the arch is a masterpiece from our early Anatolian rug collection, woven in the Konya/Karapinar region in the late 16th century.

There can be no doubt of the wording - this rug is for sale - and, should there be anyone who might question this, the numerous other instances we have mentioned of dodds’s efforts to sell it should dispel any confusion. It also proves dodds's presenting the rug as 16th century, not as 17th as he now falsely tries to maintain.

So trying to prove his "bellini" has been in his private collection and make RK into a compulsive liar or a feeble minded fool has backfired and actually proves he is the liar and feeble minded old fool who could not remember having posted this picture with that caption.

RK first published the picture on Jan. 12th 2005 and it is still online in the same place. Here is the URL:


All dodds's attempts to smear RK as he has done here actually prove it is dodds who is guilty of these same accusations and worse.

There is no doubt, as this again proves, that dodds is a compulsive runaway congenital liar who cannot tell the truth.

He is so accustomed to lying and trying to cover up his fraudulent sale of the bogus late genre period revival, commercial workshop, "bellini" to LACMA's Collectors Committee in 2004 he now believes what he says is truth, even when it can be positively proven to be false. Go ask him, we are sure he has a bunch of new excuses to explain how a 'residential gallery' houses a private collection with a sold sticker plainly in view.

To refer to dennis dodds as a lying son of a bitch is to give him and his deceitful statements too much credibility.

Here is a screen-shot of the fb exchange where dodds the clown tries to prove his "residential gallery" is his living room (RK using the pseudonym "Bruce Steinberg")

screen-shot, facebook, tuesday July 18th 2017

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