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Fri, Jul 21st, 2017 05:51:44 PM
Topic: Karachov picturarma by rugtracker,com

Rugtracker, aka John Taylor ex-rug restorer turned rug scanner-man extraordinaire, latest zeroes in on Karachov, aka Karachoph, rugs. Since we did not know where to place our comments, and would like to but cannot change this topic's heading to just 'reviews', it got placed here in case anyone wonder why as Taylor's Karachovarama is definitely not a book.

Beginning with a few pseudo-academic paragraphs of, in the end, meaningless regurgitation of other writer's regurgitators, rugtracker (RT) presents over a hundred, or at least what seems to RK a C-note of -- we did not count them-- pictures of mostly boring, not very early, workshop Caucasian rugs that are more a decorator's delight than collector's specimen.

Among them are a few genuinely early examples like this one which would be RK's favorite among the bunch.

Shame mr rugtracker has little to nothing to say about these rugs other than to place their pictures online. He does lump them together in 'catagories' but because those catagories are so general this does little to create any edifying, let alone basis of, discussion they surely deserve.

So once again RT's online picture presentation is commendable but its deaf mute's lack of commentary disappointing.

In that short introduction we mention above RT claims the forerunner of the Karachov design format delineates from "a carpet in the David Foundation, presumably Egyptian, (that) anticipates the Anatolian design by several centuries". Said Anatolian design being the large-pattern Holbein carpets.

Here's the David Collection Egyptian pile weaving:

RK finds little credulity in RT's claim. Yes, the two one two small and larger medallion format is present, however, the sylized interiors of the four smaller octagon and central one set within a lobed-circular medallion encased with a big central square has nothing to do with what is seen in the Karachov rugs, even in the earliest examples.

RK sees this as another notch added to the many others in the novice rug pundit belt John Taylor buckles up whenever he tries to pontificate.

Better he stick to scanning than commentating, as we have suggested in our other mentions of rugtracker.com picture extravaganza.

Maybe he will sooner than later wake up to this reality?

PS: Rugtracker's nasty habit of not double spacing after each period at the end of each sentence is both annoying and eye-straining. We strongly recommend he finally get in the habit of hitting that spacebar up, it only takes a millisecond or two. Surely Taylor, a man of leisure, can afford it.

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