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Wed, Aug 9th, 2017 02:37:31 PM
Topic: An Open Letter to john taylor aka rugtracker.com

Dear john:

Your recent posting photographs of me on facebook for no purpose other than to inflame more anti-Jack nonsense is inexcusable.

It is unwarranted, unprovoked, unfriendly, and frankly incredibly stupid.

But before I return the favor, one that is warranted and has been provoked, let me briefly summarize how we met and what occured thereafter.

I believe we met circa 1981/83 when you were living in the basement of the rug shoppe belonging to bertram frauenknecht in Nurnberg. You were his repairman.

You were living in the basement because you had left your homeland of England on account of getting involved with the police there for some minor drug offense and you escaped to Germany to avoid prosecution.

Your living in frauneknecht's shoppe's basement facilitated your staying in Germany without registering as a resident.

You are a skilled and excellent rug repairman but you no longer do this work for a number of reasons. First, you were so drunk and stoned out one evening some years ago you fell and broke both your wrists. And second you are too addicted to drinking that you cannot normally function as the rug repair artist you used to be.

Eventually you quit working for frauenknecht and living in his shoppe and although I am not exactly sure when this was or how it came about you moved in with a woman who is now your wife.

Over the many years since we originally met I always enjoyed seeing you, and I must say that ended when your severe drinking problem became so acute as to effect both your intellect and personality.

Several times I stayed for days with you and your wife and we enjoyed our time together.

Howver, the last two times were abysmal thanks to your drinking problem which your wife equally shares.

You also indulge in other inebriants which likewise are destroying you from the inside and out.

I remember well watching your drink many bottles of wine and smoke your finger black for two days and then in the evening of that second day stand up and fall flat on your face and not move for the next 8 or 9 hours. You were so out of it you were comatose.

That was the second to last time I ventured to your house. But it was nothing compared to the last time.

Again after a two day drinking and smoking binge you passed out on the floor unable to even move to your bed. At this point your sex-starved ghasly looking wife, helga, began to accuse me of being a horrible person, etc, ect because I was not interested in her sexually.

Frankly I would not fuck her with your dick, but we will come to that soon.

After listening to her harangue me, all the time my trying to calm her down doing nothing, I went downstairs to the guest bedroom where I was staying.

About two minutes later helga burst into the room and started taking off her clothes.

Well, this show was not going to continue and I pushed her out of the room and slammed the door closed. She tried to open it but I prevented her from doing so, and then locked it.

This enraged her further and she began screaming and yelling, banging loudly on the door. You were so passed out this did not wake you.

After some long minutes she stopped and then went upstairs.

That was it for me. I packed up my bag and got into my car arnd drove away. This was at about 3AM.

We have had no contact since, other than one or two emails I wrote you to inform you of errors in your blog presentations.

I have also not been shy in critiquing what you write and if you are upset about that you have better remedies than posting pictures and snide comments about me on facebook. Particularly since you know I cannot post any replies.

This type of sneaky, bitch behaviour, is unacceptable, and if you want to act like a bitch go have a sex-change operation.

In your case it will not be very complicated, as I know for a fact your suffer from what is medically known as having a "micro penis". It is also called microphallus and Klinefelterís disease.

Clinically a penis that is less than 2.5cm is classidifed as a micropenis. The disease is believed to occur when there is a testosterone problem before birth.

I know you suffer this malady thanks to peter hoffmeister telling me you confided it to him late one evening, as well as your wfie telling me the same thing quite some time before the incidents I mention above.

This all figures -- the drinking and drug problem to hide your misery at having a worthlessly tiny penis, and your sex starved wife's behaviour.

Listen up, john taylor, I would never reveal such damaging and embarrassing personal information. However, your refusal to remove the photos of me you posted to facebook, and the trash-talking bullshit comments you and others made there, have pushed me to retialiate.

So there it is, weasel.

Do what you wish I have told the truth and will, as always, continue to do so regardless of how you or anyone feels to the contrary.

As I have emailed you: You crossed the line and I gave you days of warning I would write this unless you removed the facebook nonsense and posted an apology.

You did neither, so now suffer the consequences.

Author: jc
Wed, Aug 9th, 2017 02:37:31 PM

In a feat of even more stupidity taylor has now made his rugtracker.com blog member only.

What this does is nil, and it only makes his already small audience even smaller.

Perhaps the idea by limiting membership he will somehow downplay problems with his tiny member was behind this move?

If so, RK would suggest taylor put down the wine bottle and pipe to try and clear his obviously clouded perceptions.

Sad really because he isn't a bad guy and his voracious digitalizing of hundreds of rug photos is a very worthwhile project he should share with everyone.

His opinions and pontification about those rugs are another story, one better forgotten.

And to say his reaction to our dishing out some payback is hairbrained goes without saying. Far easier would have been the take the pictures down, delete the page, and post an apology.

But obviously in taylor's wine drenched, smoked-out addled mind being honest and admitting an error was not as good a choice as the totally ass-backwards hiding his blog behind a google membership requirement that gets him nowhere and clearly is a reaction to a predicament he created for himself.

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