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email: webmaster@rugkazbah.com
Thu, Nov 27th, 2003 04:23:44 PM
Topic: The New Improved RugKazbah.com

Finally, the site is finished and everything should be 100 percent operational.
Two of the new features - an advanced search and bid history for auction items - make the kazbah buy/sell area an even more attractive venue for both buyers and sellers. Over the next weeks there willl be an increase of goods listed, as incentives will be offered to a select group of sellers to introduce them to RK.com.
Also expect the usual high level of commentary on the rug world and the weavings it revolves around to continue in JC'S Corner and the other topic areas on the discussion board.

We know it has taken quite a while to get it together and wish to thank the group of users who have seen this through with us and now to welcome a new group to make use of this site for both buying and selling as well as enjoying woven art and artifacts.

If you should encounter any problem, notice something is not working or if you have any comments about the workings or content please do not hesitate to email me, your feedback is both wanted and needed.

Author: jc
email: jack@rugkazbaah.com
Thu, Nov 27th, 2003 09:38:22 AM

BISCHOFF: listen up and listen up well:

you are a sick little boy, posessed with posting your nonsense on RK.com and obsessed with proving you know more than I. You are a laughing stock to all.
We have told you to stop posting outside links and after you disregarded our requests we blocked your IP address.

Today, once again, you posted the same BS here from another IP address located in Mainz.

I am not afraid of anything you could possibly write about me or a kelim. Your ideas are stupid and misinformed.

Plus everything you say we censor is in plain view in the several Topic Areas on RK.com you have posted to.

So unless you abide by our Terms of Service or desist from posting in violation of them we will take further action to force you to comply.

Author: webmaster
email: webmaster@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Nov 26th, 2003 12:33:26 PM

This week's persistent posting by michael bischoff has resulted in my taking action to limit his and anyone else's ability to violate both our Terms of Service and lack of respect for them.

Another user, who we have not identified yet but know from his IP address is most probably located in Hesperia, Calif, continues along the same path as bischoff. If he persists he, too, will be faced with the same remedy as bischoff is now experiencing.

RK.com's stated principle to provide the most open and unmoderated environment for discussion and sales of Oriental Rugs still stands. Our remedies for any violations of our Terms of Service, which should be read by all users to prevent confusion, do not in any way compromise or negate those aims regardless of the accusation, made by one user, to the contrary.

Today, I have provided additional links to our Terms of Service both on the discussion board and kazbah home pages and would advise anyone who might question what is or is not allowed to read them carefully.

If there are any further questions, you can email me or JC at our email addresses:

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