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email: jack@rugkazbah.com
Sun, Mar 23rd, 2014 09:43:46 AM
Topic: Price=Clown's Airport-Art Sales

The following, which posted several months ago, is just another reference to the lack of taste or understanding that swirls around in professor clown's rug world.
It would surely not deserve a second mention nor would it require removal from the archive and reposting were it not for price clown's having put this long rug up for auction on ebay.
Here is a photo of it for all those of you who have forgotten it.

It is not a very noteworthy piece but neither is the price it sold for, $270.00, or price=clown’s rug knowledge.
It is interesting that steev chose to sell it – did he take to heart my comments about it?

Shame I can’t be bothered to find the place in that garbage heap known as clownotek.com where professor clown originally posted it. Maybe some reader will remember and send us a link to it.
We could always put price=clown’s comments about it in today’s chuckle. Be assured whatever he wrote about this rug could be worthy of no other place here on RK.com

BTW here’s the pitch steev used on ebay – gosh he does have a fluid pen doesn’t he(ha ha).

Genuine Caucasian (Karabagh) oriental rug, 9'1" x 3'5". Although there are repaired slits and areas of wear, most of the pile (81 symmetric knots per square inch) is long and luxurious. Some of the dyes appear to be natural, some are early synthetics. I estimate that it was woven in the last quarter of the 19th century.
One of the interesting things about this runner is the way the weaver made the corners resolve smoothly, by modifying the size of the next-to-last stepped polygon in the main border. There are a number of related rugs with the same border in which the weavers made the same adjustment.
Liatov Kerimov shows a nearly identical rug in his book, "Rugs and Carpet from the Caucasus: The Russian Collections", and attributes it to Shusha, the capitol of Karabagh. Since he was a native of Shusha and the son of a weaver, his attribution is likely to be correct.
I prefer payment by US Postal Money Order, but will accept personal checks with the understanding that the item will not be shipped until the check has cleared. Buyer pays actual cost of shipping (UPS ground unless specified otherwise; no handling charges) and insurance. I will refund 100% of the amount paid for any item that has been misrepresented in my description. If you are dissatisfied for any other reason, please notify me within three days of receiving the item. I will refund the full amount paid, less shipping and insurance, if it is returned to me prepaid.
Ps. It’s really not that bad a piece and did the clown sluff it off because it made the rest of his accumulation look even worse or is there some other reason?

Here is the original post that appeared here on RK.com:
A number of references to airport-art have appeared in the discussion board posts, especially in reference to price=clown's inability to distinguish between a genuine weaving and one done only for commercial purposes, ie sale or trade outside of the weavers group. This distinction is very important when examining the weaver's motives and cultural connections as well as the types and qualities of the material. ie wool or other fibers and dyes, and techniques. It also has a relationship to "beauty" but since that is "in the eye of the beholder" we can leave it aside. The late 19th century caucasian rug steev has published on clownotek, which is now posted in the kazbah as well, comes from his "collection" and whether or not it is beautiful has nothing to do with this commentary. I do not believe it is but that is my opinion but is this a genuine weaving? Does it demonstrate meaningful connection to cultural tradition? Is it to be considered a product of indigenous art and craft? The answer is no to all the above. Price=clown's rug was produced by a weaver who has some connection to cultural tradition but just not strong enough ones. The age of a weaving is in some respects immaterial, there are 16th century classical atelier rugs that are not genuine examples of cultural tradition and 20th century ones that are. What is the reason for this? Basically it is proximity to commercialism and commercial centers. Oriental rug production and manufacture was deeply entwined with western commercial forces and this is the main factor that influenced and affected the ancient cultural connections and traditions weaving maintained to all aspects of Near Eastern society. My reason for mentioning this is to illuminate the absurdities of discussing a rug like this one from price=clown's collection, or others of its ilk, on any level other than (1) if you like it or dont(2) how much is it worth (3) the market forces that stimulated weavers to produce airport-art tourist goods for export. Period. There are no ethnographic or art-historical issues here - only those which might pertain to the socio-economic reasons for the destruction of the indigenous weaving culture. I am not putting-down this rug or anyone who wishes to collect it or other like it. I am just saying these types of weaving can not and should not be considered (1) art, they are craft at best (2) examples of genuine weaving tradition and culture, they are commercial products not traditional ones. For sure there are horses for courses but please keep those like price=clown's airport-art off the track where thoroughbreds race.

Author: cfl
Sun, Mar 23rd, 2014 09:43:46 AM

Thanks as well for hosting this site which serves well those "ruggies" all too eager to widen their horizons and make use of the experience and savviness of those who post here…

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 22nd, 2014 09:37:51 AM


Please accept RK's belated thank you for your mentioning the inclusion of our publication "KELIM SOUMAK CARPET AND CLOTH: Classic Weaving of the Caucasus" in that bibliography.

Author: CFL
email: donnegal12@gmail.com
Fri, Mar 21st, 2014 02:13:09 PM

BTW Kerimov, whom you allude to. It happens that I came across one of his books,respectively the 617 pages long hard-back cover and exquisitely printed "Azerbaijani-Caucasian rugs" The Ulmke Collection, Switzerland, published by Paul Hartung, Hamburg 2001. At page 140 there features a selected bibliography in which such heavyweights as Tanavoli, Minorsky,Bennett, Erdmann etc.prominently feature. And there you are too Mr. Jc.among this creme de la creme of connoisseurs, getting mentioned via your book "Kilim, Soumak, Carpet and Cloth" New York 1990. I say well done Sir, the **** folks could not even dream to make it onto the ranks of such an illustrious company. So it is quite clear to me who is to be trusted…

Author: jc
email: jack@rugkazbah.com
Mon, May 26th, 2003 05:54:05 PM

Listen up, mr anonymouse - what you characterize as a dislike of price=clown, as well as the rest of the drivel you posted, shows little comprehension about what my comments directed at professor pompous imply. I could care less about steev, my gripe is about the garbage that he and the rest of the rug-challenged post continually on clownotek.

Price=clown and company's inane worthless patter doesn't belong in public, nor does it come close to reflecting the high level of history and art that is the source of the oriental rugs they carry on about.
Clownotek, aka turkotek.com, is abysmally amateurish and boring at best and at the worst presents misguided opinion, innuendo and utter nonsense as fact.

So get it right will ya: I think price=clown to be a know-nothing rug ignoramus and surely I wouldn't waste one minute of my time disliking him, he is too insignificant to deserve such effort.

And as for his sale of that later kuba long rug, the only reason for its mention was because clown sold it after posting it in clownland with, if I am not mistaken, some words to the effect of how "charming" it was.
So next time you venture to post here, squeeky, use your name instead of hiding behind anon....it'll make whatever you try to say more appealing to all, especially me. And by the way RK.com's kazbah will soon be full of more interesting rugs than that tourist take-home...watch and see

Author: Anon.
Sun, May 25th, 2003 09:57:43 PM

You mention that the rug was accurately attributed for age and geography, and it does no appear that the description claimed anything that was untrue. You forgot to mention that it's better by far than most of what's for sale on this site, and sold for more money than the sum of all the sales made through RugKazbah.com. What's the point of your post, except to tell everyone how much you dislike Price? Who cares?

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