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email: jack@rugkazbah.com
Mon, Jul 2nd, 2007 10:09:04 PM
Topic: Windbag Jimbo

Herrrrre’s Jimbo: "For those of you who do not know me or what I have done to advance Turkoman Studies please copy and paste the following link to my published circiulum vitae. http://www.spongobongo.com/her9952.htm "

Jim the wind-bag Allen's contributions to Turkmen Studies could be summed up in two words: Today's chuckle. How could this bloated dingbat possibly believe his "contribution" is anything other than a ode to his own vacuity?

And to call the back-slapping praise that appears on o'CON'L's website a curriculum vitae stretches any level of objective truth way beyond the breaking point.

Keep trying to convince the rug world you're something Jimbo. Maybe if you keep it up long enough someone who sits well beyond the puny circle of imps o'Con'L and professor price=clown pander to might take you seriously. Miracles do happen but don't count on it.
ps: windy, maybe you should learn how to spell curriculum, you never know, someday you might have one. Doubt it will ever pertain to your bumbling efforts with Turkmens. And BTW it's Turkman not TurkOman, get that straight at least.

Author: cryptochip Mon, Jul 2nd, 2007 10:09:04 PM

Jack, you're nimble Jack, you are so quick But my oh my.... You are SO sick get some help buddy... you need it desperately

Author: jc
Sun, Sep 28th, 2003 07:51:25 PM

Any newcomer quickly sorting through the Turkmen section of the morass of webpages in the purported most visited Oriental rug website, spongobongo.com, might believe jim allen was a specialist expert in this field. However, even the most novice of newbies who would begin to read what jimbo has deposited there will soon realize this just ain't so.

"A Connoisseurs take on 6 gull Torbas", which is prominently featured there, is jimbo's piece de resistance. But even those new to Turkmen history, culture and weaving would immediately realize, after reading even just one paragraph like the following, it was written by a windbag in comic book style.

Here is a detail photo of one of the Tekke torbas jimbo is trying to mythicize and his caption description of it:

"Figure #1 is an example of the best strata of these beautiful weavings. The reason for my judgement(sic) is the clarity of tribally important information. Look at detail (lower left) of the tribal bird, see its two little feet, the heart box, its fancy tail. Rather like a roadrunner, something swift and deadly on the ground like them, which is easy to make out. These white or spirit images are opposed by red or living images of the birds as if the bird itself was sacred and not just its ideal."

Tribal road-running birds and tribally(sic)important information? Come on now jimbo don't you realize writing this BS, heart-boxes and spirit images included, impresses no-one but the brain-impaired. You might imagine its poetry but to all others its gibberish and goes the distance to prove all that has been written here on RK.com's discussion board.

What more to say other than between you, your host o'connell and professor price=clown more people have been turned-off interest in oriental rugs than by 1000 going-out-of-business, fire-sale shysters. It's amazing you all can't figure out this for yourselves, as everyone else already has.

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