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Mon, Jul 25th, 2005 11:32:59 PM
Topic: Arguably the best? Says Who?

The favoritism and agenda-based reportage found in hali magazine has destroyed any real claims of impartiality regardless of how often they appear in the editorials. This situation, combined with the monopolistic position hali has as the rug world’s only journal – gereh is not even close to being a competitor – has allowed it to assume an almost mythical and divine status.

When hali talks, it seems everyone listens.

Well, everyone who does not have enough experience to know the difference.

The commentary hali dishes out is rarely questioned, the few who have enough experience are either beneficiaries of hali’s largess, too busy or bored to bother with correcting the errors and gaffs or just plain not interested enough to even bother to read what they write.

Personally I’d put myself in the last category and rarely read what hali writes.

Rarely but not never, as I do look at their website and have commented on it here on RK.com a few times in the past.

The comments hali put online concerning the Chi-Chi prayer rug sold at the December Sotheby sale are the reason for this posting, and the other part which appears in the JC’s Corner Topic Area.

About that prayer rug hali wrote the following:
“…arguably the best ever Chi-Chi prayer rug…”

Ok, let’s argue the point.

Here is the Sotheby Chi-Chi next to what is actually the best ever Chi-Chi prayer rug(the sotheby rug is on the right):

Here they are again with details:

This other Chi-Chi appeared in an auction sale on Feb. 4, 1973 organized by Berdj Abadjian and held in New York. It was on the cover of the catalog and it deserved to be.

Still to this day, in my opinion, a better one has not appeared and I remember well seeing it in person at the preview for the sale. It was truly spectacular, the best piece in the sale. And that’s saying something as the sale contained everything from18th century Kazaks and other Caucasian rugs to a Star Ushak and other early Turkish Village rugs.

It’s 30 years ago and perhaps expecting hali and its overfed editor, danny schaeffer, to be aware of this, the best Chi-Chi prayer rug to ever come on the market, might be expecting too much.

But I don’t think so since danny-boy and hali are always blowing their own horns to the duet they are not only the prime source for rug information but the sole arbiters of taste in the rug world.

Sorry lads, you’re not.

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