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email: jack@rugkazbah.com
Mon, Jul 2nd, 2007 10:07:42 PM
Topic: jumbo, jimbo aka dumbo

The laughingstock of the rug world, jim allen aka jimbo, has desperately searched out any opportunity to broadcast his nonsensical garbage-can views about Turkmen rugs. While this fact is not remarkable, the willingness of others to help him is.

Most publishers of magazines and websites are always on the look out for copy, especially when it doesn't have any cost attached and this is the main reason for jimbo's various appearances in print. But no matter how hard up for copy the rug world's organ grinders are, their allowing a dancing monkey like jimbo to perform under their banner only reveals their ineptitude and lack of discrimination.

Witness the latest episode of jimbo's lurching left-footed shuffle published on jozan.com. It's no wonder an upstart rug-ignorant website publisher like mr jozan would fall for jimbo's pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo. Nor does jimbo's republishing his tired, worn out obtuseness on such a worthless venue like jozan.com show anything other than his inabilities to get anyone else to do it.

Glorifying such a putrid collection of adjectives, nouns and vowels as jimbo has crammed together, by even bothering to take it seriously enough to critique, could/would only be done by someone as rug-challenged as jimbo repeatedly has proven he is.

Should anyone question what RK.com has consistently written about jimbo and his dopey takes on Turkmens let the last few lines of his latest public appearance echo through your obviously empty cranial cavity :
"Two raptors in profile below the horizon of the hidden gull; one red the other white, one alive the other dead, one hot the other cold. Two birds above the horizon of the hidden gull, one bird is important and truly representative of the Turkomen, the other what?, who knows?

Right you are jimbo: "Who knows?".

Its patently clear you don't.

And by the way, clown, its Turkmen not Turkomen, at least get that straight, would ya.

Author: cryptochip Mon, Jul 2nd, 2007 10:07:42 PM

Jack, you're nimble Jack, you are so quick But my oh my.... You are SO sick get some help buddy... you need it desperately

Author: jc
Mon, Mar 1st, 2004 05:36:00 PM

Not content with having repeatedly proven what a Turko-Idiot he is, jimbo's latest and surely not greatest attempt carries the ball one step further. One reading the complete tract, which is available on jozan.com, would be hard pressed not to question the level of jimbo's expertise, let alone his sanity.

Here is the most absurd sentence culled from a tract sprinkled with many similarly stupid fantasies and misplaced opinions:
"Every time a numb and dumb Westerner walks unknowingly across the surface of one of these sacred documents his soul takes another blow in hell."

Jimbo, every time you open your mouth and belch forth your lopsided take on Turkmens you do far worse damage than those who walk on commercial Turkmen rugs that have as little connection to Turkmen history and their historic carpets as do your dopey writings.

Do you really believe anyone with even a smattering of understanding could possibly read or want to read your garbage thoughts. And even if one did slog thru them, do you believe they could do so without laughing out loud??

Author: jc
Fri, Feb 20th, 2004 11:48:49 AM

A reader just informed me another re-hashed installment of jimbo's dumb ideas about Turkmen rugs has been re-published on jozan.

This, like the other, already appeared on his failed effort to create a website discussion board.

It is entitled "Turkmen weavings derived from 17th century Mughal designs". Calling this presentation and the still-born lunatic viewpoint it presents fanciful or characterizing jim allen's absurd statements as ideas streches these adjectives to new heights.

When both of these trips into Turko-fantasyland first appeared last year, they were lambasted here on RK.com. For anyone who missed that, they are still here in the ARCHIVE TOPIC AREA under the following headings:
Silence is not Consent PART I, II, III
jimbo's Lunacy Forum.

Why the novice owner of jozan, ian sonderholm, presented jimbo's sillyness in the rug news section of his site is as amazingly fatuous as what jimbo writes.

In reality, the only thing about this which could possibly qualify as "news" is sonderholm being foolish enough believe it was.

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