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Mon, Mar 15th, 2004 10:58:06 AM
Topic: Tangled Up in Blue - weft

The kazak on the right has been an ongoing issue in clownland because the owner mentioned it has blue weft. The assorted peanut gallery of posters has batted this fact around for days with their usual nonsensical aplomb.

The kazak on the left doesn’t have blue weft but it is at least several generations older and can be considered a prototype for the other. It is posted here for comparison and by the way the example on the right looks like it has synthetic colors. But whether it does or not can’t change the fact it is a later 19th or early 20th century weaving.

Blue weft in and of itself is meaningless – there are very old blue-wefted kazaks and newish ones. But for rug-idiots who are unable to ascertain the salient but subtle qualities that differentiate new from old from very old a feature like blue-weft becomes something to obsess about. Lots of obsessing goes on in clownland.

Here are some recent clownland examples.

The first concerns synthetic vs natural dyes according to dead-eye jr howe:
“One "test" you can often make for yourself is to look at the rug in natural light. Natural dyes, even quite bright ones, tend to harmonize. None of them "jumps out" or "attracts your eye" out of proportion to the others. Look to see if this "orange" or "red" attracts your eye noticeably in natural light.”

The only thing that jumps out here is howe’s stupidity for repeating an old wive’s tale as fact. Get it straight howe you’re dead-eye couldn’t discern the difference between dyes whether you were in sunlight or a full solar eclipse. Go buy a mass spectrometer and learn howe to use it or keep you jaws wired shut anytime you want to comment on dyes.

Then we have this comment about howe from someone who claims to have collected and dealt rugs for 20 years:
”hello Mario- “I agree with Mr. Howe about his feelings as to the colors in your rug.He sounds like he has a great deal of experience.”

Who is this joker trying to kid? If he has been collecting for 20 years and can’t figure out what a bozo howe is then he’d either lying about his history or he’s been collecting and dealing garbage rugs worse than those posted in clowland. A feat that is pretty hard to beat.

Then another poster chimes in about howe:
“first of all, I fully agree with you that “Mr. Howe sounds like he has a great deal of experience”. “

Ha Ha, howe’s experience is limited to scanning photos from his rug books. Too bad he doesn’t have enough intellectual ability to read and understand what’s written in them.

Then the master clown, steev price=clown had this to say about the presence of blue-weft in the kazak pictured above on the right:
“I'd be reluctant to use the term "rarity", since it implies greater desirability in the marketplace, which I don't think is the case for blue-wefted Kazaks.”

Steev, you idiot, rarity has nothing to do with market-place mechanics. Go buy a dick-tionary and read it you fool. Not only do you know next to nothing about rugs and prove it constantly but your knowledge of the English language is apparently becoming as pitifully deficient.

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