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Mon, Mar 29th, 2004 02:57:46 PM
Topic: price=clown : Who Cares?

The clown of the rug world, steev price, dropped this scintillating statement on clownland today:
" I have a lovely silk Hereke prayer rug (mid 20th century) with an inscription in a cartouche smack in the middle of the mirhab. I was sure it had religious significance and made the error of having a Turkish friend translate it. The closest thing to it in English is "Trade Mark Registered"."

Why does this rug challenged fool think anyone would possibly be interested in such a comment?

Not only does it call into question steev's perpetual desires for self-promotion but who in their right mind would countenance a comment like my rug is "lovely" from someone like price=clown who has proven to have a dead-eye?

Plus having a cartouche in the middle of a mirhab (steev has already proven himself to be an ignoramus about prayer rug and mirhabs) with a such a trade mark registered legend doesn't bode well for his rug now does it.

As for it being made of silk, or a Hereke or mid-20th century? If professor clown's past performance is any guide his "opinions" about those aspects of his rug are surely open to question as well.

When will steev and the rest of his clownish cohorts realize what they publish for public view would be far better off cosseted away in private emails they could send each other.

RK.com, and many others in the know, believe price=clown and co. give the general public the impression oriental rugs are better suited as doormats (which is true for 99.9% of what has appeared on turrkotek.com) than as art objects. They have proven this over and over but there are rare examples, which truly are important both as art and history. Too bad clown's like those associated with steev couldn't recognize this even if they were rolled up in one.

Get off the net price and take your joker buddies with you. Itís long over due.

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