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Thu, Apr 1st, 2004 11:36:39 AM
Topic: Ms Muffins on Staggered Knots

Marla, aka ms muffins, mallet's loopsided and lopsided silly interpretations of certain aspects of structure are legendary. Well, that is among those who know - amongst those who donít her words are listened to and respected as if they emanated from God's lips. Far from that circumstance is the reality there.

Anyway, here is a perfect example of ms muffins in action concerning staggered knotting as parroted by filiberto(price=clown's chief gatekeeper):
"Other causes of staggered knots are (according to Marla): "carelessness, the work of a novice or of someone with bad eyesight"Ö She writes also that such irregularities are common.""

Sorry fili but staggered knotting especially in a piece like that in this case, which is E.19th century, were not do to any of these reason. If ms mufffin's actually believes poor eyesight or carelessness were the causes or if such structures are "common" then even the gullible amateur rug clown's in your circle should be able to see thru her stupidity.

Sorry boys and girls but ms muffin's a far better copycat than originator - can't you folks realize that? And BTW go buy Irene Emorys ďThe Primary Structures of FabricĒ. Itís a far better work and letís face it ms muffinís efforts would not have ever made it in print had not Emory gone before. This is fact Ö something that rarely raises itís head in clownland, or havenít yíall ever noticed????

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