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email: jack@rugkazbah.com
Sun, Jun 27th, 2004 04:41:25 PM
Topic: Fluff and Photos from Seattle

Photos of acor by mike, aka raoul, tschebull have recently been posted on a website that claims to be a newspaper of sorts for the rug world. The ‘of sorts’ is definitely the operative word there as the types of stories the editor, a rug bumkin if there ever was one, chooses have run the gamut from promoting “A new book from one of America's Greatest Rug Experts, Peter Saunders!”(for those of you unfamiliar with ms saunder’s his “career” has gone from being convicted and incarcerated for grand theft larceny for stealing customers rugs in California to posing in a self-produced and distributed transvestite calendar where he was the “star” model) to yet another silly, or as others have characterized stupid, installment of jimbo Allen displaying his uniquely lame and absurdly oblique takes on “The Turkmen”. Some news venue, huh?

Anyway raoul’s(perhaps mr tschebull would someday like to explain to me his apparent abhorrence for his god given name and adoption of “mike”, as this has always been a curiosity) report was, in keeping with his tendency to utter only one liners(does he really have so little to say about rugs after being involved in this field for more than 30 years?), amazingly short on anything other than worthless chit-chat.

Here are two examples:
The first is about this Saryk chuval:
“ ‘Saryq’ chuval, machine serged on all four sides. Asymmetric knots; left and right borders missing. Pets nice, good color. Jon Thompson opines that the weaver of this bag was "Ersaryq".” Leaving aside raoul’s homage to ex-dr. thompson’s dopey “Ersarq”(is this just another of thompson’s Imreli “jokes’) is this the best commentary tschebull could muster? Does anyone really care it was machine serged? And while he was apparently astute enough to notice the chuval’s asymmetric knotting that cleverness did seem to extend to his noticing whether the knots were open right or left, leaving the impression raoul doesn’t know the difference or was just to dumb to realize its importance. Glad he “petted” it, though.

Another of tschebull’s abysmally doltish remarks:
“It is finally becoming acceptable to exhibit fragments of early 19th century interesting Transcaucasian village-woven pile rugs. To call such rugs simply "Caucasian" is a misnomer.”
demonstrates what a pedant this rug dealer from New England really is as he utters the term “trans-caucasian” like it really means something more than simply “Caucasian”. Who is this over-blown fool trying to kid?

But raoul’s spelling kuba as “quba” really take the cake. Sorry raoul but wowing those matrons in southern Connecticut who might troop into your shoppe to buy a floor rug with your command of rug lingo doesn’t hold a can of beans with anyone short of the newbie dummies who frequent turkkotek, where your one liners seem to hold equal sway.

In a nut-shell all of mr tschebull’s journalistic efforts since publishing his Kazak picture book in 1971 have only served to convince many that would be his finest achievement, and with good reason.

Raoul then goes on the mention, so briefly to make one wonder why he even bothered to write anything at all, ralph and Linda kaffel’s talk by picturing two of the most revoltingly Europeanized seichur-type rugs I have ever seen:

The kaffel’s are rich folks and have, at times(but mostly only at auction) splurged out on purchases. In their now 20’s of raising their paddle(or, as it is rumored, by sitting at the knees of famous dealers and having them “vet” the rugs for them for large commissions) the kafel’s have supposedly amassed some excellent pieces. Why wasn’t one of those chosen by the tschebull-drekker? Didn’t the kaffel’s bring some “stars” with them to acor? Or were they too afraid to take them along to Seattle for whatever reasons?

And speaking of rich rug-collecting proletarians, there’s marylyn wolf holding up the small seichur monstrosity on the right. Shame people with so much net worth have so little taste(notice the large and rather pedestrian piece of Turkmen jewelry hung around her neck – I got a chance to see it in the flesh when the wolfs sashayed into sotheby’s on Friday, ugh is all I could politely say.)

What the wolf’s lack in taste and class they sure make up for with their finances. Today someone told me a story I will repeat here for laughs. Seems the wolf’s traveled to Istanbul some years ago with a large suitcase full of cash, supposedly $250,000.00 and went around to all the dealers in the bazaar telling them about it and flashing a look at their lucre for all to see. What fools, lucky they got out with their money.

Yes, yes dear readers the rug world is a funny place full of pompous idiots parading their stupidity as if ignorance was bliss. Well, at least, that’s how it appears to me. Howe about you???

Author: jc
Fri, Jun 25th, 2004 03:16:51 PM

It appears the rug challenged organizers and posters to another website are still fussing and farting over the show and tell reports they have online concerning the kaffel’s presentation at acor.

RK did not attend but a number of rug interested fans who did, and who are incidently all far more knowledgeable than the fussers and belchers over at this other website will ever be, have substantiated RK.com's comments about the lack of stellar qualities the kaffel's pieces demonstrate.

In fact, much of what fell out of their "cedar chest" had a hard time surpassing the mediocre/it’s ok level, let alone approaching even wow that’s good and forget about that’s great or what a masterpiece.

Soon we will examine and picture a few more of the kaffel's weavings. But suffice it to say for now that with all the money they have to spend and all the time they spend haunting rug shows, fairs, attending auctions and conferences you'd have “thunk” they'd have gotten past the amateur level they seem to mire in and have graduated to collecting rugs that really do shine.

More to come, stay tuned.

Author: jc
Wed, Apr 7th, 2004 09:52:42 PM

Some other photos of kaffel's "presentation" have now appeared on the net and I remain under whelmed. They would be posted here but, not wishing to hear professor clown of turdotek.com moaning about RK's poaching his illustrations, we thought better of including them. They are there for all to see, check it out yourselves – you too moshe.

The several Turkish prayer rugs are quite novice pieces, mid 19th century good condition floor rugs as far as I am concerned with no art or historical value.

As for the Turkmens, which were the majority, the Chodor kappunuk is likewise mid century. Its "unusual" design might wow the uninitiated and while we admit it is pretty, it doesn't come close to possessing the intriguing mysterious quality all early Turkmen pieces, the ones I appreciate, project. And although I have never seen it in the "flesh" I'd wager to say it doesn't have the tactile qualities of wool and weave pre-mid century Turkmens also always have.

As for the scrubby Salor chuval? Well dear Linda and ralph, did you forget that the one quality - COLOR - all exceptional Salor weavings are famous for is missing from your acquisition. Shame. Plus those insipid "ornaments" in the elem (again "unusual") are not classical and while they might draw ooohs and ahhhs from inexperienced Turkmenophiles, those in the know instantly recognize them as what they are - fin de siecle pastiche.

Maybe the kaffel's should spend a bit more time "learning" before spending??

Author: jc
Wed, Apr 7th, 2004 05:52:07 PM

Moshe: are you joshing? Why would a savant like you be asking such a simplistic question?

Just go put rug bumkin in a search engine and I'm sure you'll find out what you supposedly don't know.

And speaking of disingenuity, why dont your come out of your anonymouse posture and fess up and fly right?

If you expect to be taken seriously here you'd better learn the rules: He/she who poses as an anonymouse, gets treated accordingly.

Any other queries?

PS: enjoy that pippick

Author: Moshe Pippick
Wed, Apr 7th, 2004 10:13:26 AM

Jack, would you be so kind as to let me know what the site is that has posted pictures of ACOR on it? Thanks, Moshe

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