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email: jack@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Dec 8th, 2004 09:44:47 PM
Topic: Policy Change re: price=clown & co

I erred in mentioning this ignorant pedant and his dumb rug discussion website again here on RK.com.

Many long time readers know of our policy, which began as you can see by the post below this one on April 10. This was instituted after a number of other similarly futile experiences, like the latest bout with the rug clown, led RK.com to avow to resist mentioning him, his crew or their site here again.

We held true to that premise but after receiving an unsolicited email from Alan Craddock and then learning of the blotched attempts price=clown and co. made trying to provenance his torba we relented. We have received others, both before and after Craddock’s, but his treatment at professor clown and co’s hands pushed us into action.

Obviously an error which was then compounded by our then commenting on the "tarantula beshir" bugaboo.

The clownish professor price and his dopey crew of rug-wannabee losers will again be ignored heretofore on Rk.com. All steev has to do to insure this is quit posting his bent logic and crybaby BS here.

Should he ignore this and continue, we will make sure he will have wished he didn't.

By the way, clown, we know the reason you persist in trying to elicit sympathy for the "treatment" you have received here instead of just discussing rugs. And so does everyone else. You have nothing of value to say.

So quit brandishing the crying towel and show us the cancellation for your website's hosting. That's about all anyone who knows anything about rugs would want to see - and we aren't alone to think it's about time.



Date:Saturday, Apr 10th 11:17:55 AM

Topic: ***policy change***

Yesterday I decided to implement a new policy for RK.com and wish to announce it to our readers.

As anyone who knows anything about RK.com realizes I hold no regard for steev price=clown, as either a man or as someone who thinks they can write or speak about antique rugs. Professor clown has earned his name and is a truly a moron and proves it every time he opens his mouth.

He and almost every other participant in clownland should not be offering their stupid amateur assessments in a public forum, much less in one that has pretensions of being anything other than a sandbox for kiddies to play out fantasies of being grownups.

There are voluminous examples of this referenced here on RK.com and hundreds of others scattered throughout turkkotek.com's "archives".

The latest is steev's squabble with blurry o'CONell who is, in my opinion, like steev nothing more than a rug posing fool.

Steev poses for ego gratification and to massage the misappropriated belief he is helping the unfortunates he believes he needs to shepard. While blurry harbors similar psychological needs and feelings he, unlike steev, wants to "profit" from his efforts in rugdom.

To say both of them are less than average is about the kindest comment one can make.

While I realize airing the distain I hold for price=clown and o'CONell could be interpreted by some as being no different than their public statements about me, or each other, I know any intelligent and rug savvy person recognizes the difference.

RK.com has debunked price=clown, and to a lesser extent o'CONnell, enough. In fact, an overkill situation has long existed. It is for this reason I have decided to refrain from mentioning either of these two jokers, or the worthless crap they publish, again here on RK.com.

This will be the last time either of their names appears on this website.

I am sure RK.com's readers understand this policy decision. While they might miss laughing at the antics of professor=clown and his company of bumbling dummies or blurry's unashamed promotion of jimbo, aka the turko-idiot, allen or his own fractured fairy tales about carpets they can still get a dose of steev's or blurry's special brand of lunacy first hand by tripping over to turkotrekk.com or spongobongo.com anytime. Just don't ask me to help - you're on your own in that dept.

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