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Wed, Apr 21st, 2004 11:30:41 PM
Topic: Puhleeze

Reading the redacted dribble john howe feels compelled to regurgitate day in and day out is truly mind-boggling. Why this complete blithering idiot even bothers is seemingly beyond human comprehension.

In furthering his already senseless commenting on the kaffel's acor show and tell howe states:

" The Kaffel's collection exemplifies what can be done if one is willing and able, not just to assemble outstanding material, but to document, organize, catalog, study and write about it, if only for oneself. They demonstrate what is possible if interest, knowledge, what folks call "good eyes," and not inconsiderable financial resources, can be brought to bear on the rug collecting enterprise."

Does howe really live in such a dark, dank cave not to know the kaffel's have oodles of money and that, not their “eye”, is the only reason they have been able to “collect” anything? In the end armchair collecting at sotheby or rippon bosswell is not really much of a feat worth oohing and ahhing over, or is it? So is howe being disingenuous or is he just so incompetent to be fooled by the kaffel's checkbook?

Plus the kaffel's "collection" is really more of an agglomeration as it has no focus or rational other than their somewhat lopsided take on what is beautiful, rare or even worth buying. If anyone doubts what I say just go look again at the published pics of their acor performance and if you think this is the "best" money can buy then I'd suggest you give up rugs and start collecting comic books or bakelite bracelets.

It's truly a pity the few "collectors' like the kaffels who have such considerable financial resources to spend end up with piles of ho-hum rugs rather than a few real gems and that, mr howe, is the point.

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