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Thu, Apr 22nd, 2004 01:28:18 PM
Topic: Junk Mail

Today, like every other day, while checking email one cannot help but marvel at the quantity of junk mail that manages to get through. What a nuisance these unsolicited often bogus but always unwanted offers are and while it takes only a few seconds to delete them, the repetitive motion required, not to mention the effort to sort the worthwhile from the worthless, is tedious and frankly a real pain.

In today's lot of crapola I found the following:

HALI Publications, 50 Poland Street, London, W1F 7AX
Surely you can't afford to be without HALI?
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HALI shapes rather than follows trends. While maintaining rigorous standards of elegance, accuracy and accessibility, HALI is a co-coordinating influence and a reassuring presence in the international marketplace. For more than 25 years HALI has built a standing and reputation second to none.
Many of our readers have a common goal: to be immersed in the full splendour of the world's greatest carpets, textiles and related works of art. Thousands of people like you achieve that goal by investing in a subscription to HALI - a truly unmatched resource for dealers, collectors, professional buyers, enthusiasts and academics.
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A subscription to HALI includes:
* A saving of up to 22% on the HALI cover price * FREE delivery of your own copy of HALI to your home or work address, so you don't miss a single issue or have to borrow someone else's copy to keep in touch * FREE tickets to the annual HALI: Carpets, Textiles and Tribal Art Fair in London worth £30. These also allow you FREE entry to the concurrent Summer Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Fair * FREE access to the Auction Price Guide Online, containing data and expert commentary on over 3,500 items sold at auction since 1994
Now also as part of your subscription to HALI you can enjoy:
* FREE access to the HALI e-gallery, HALI's dedicated online international shopping precinct for antique and modern carpets, textiles and Islamic and related arts. HALI e-gallery gives you access to specialist vendors around the globe from the comfort of your desk. If you subscribe and register as a user on HALI e-gallery, you will have the contact details of most of the leading vendors in our field at your fingertips - what better address book could you wish for! Remember: viewing items for sale is free of charge.
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I look forward to welcoming you as a HALI subscriber.
Daniel Shaffer Editor
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(Please allow 7 days for your request to be processed)

Are things really that bad on Portland St. as this anonymous (there was no name after the ubiquitous Dear) email suggests. Recently rumours have been circulating about hali being spun off by Centaur as well as other tales of impending financial crisis brewing there.

Frankly if hali should cease publication I do not believe the rug world would suffer and in fact this might even help things to improve.

Only someone with clearly self-motivating ties would not recognize the overbearing and at times highly prejudicial influence this magazine has exerted over the world of antique rug collecting. And even though it does act as a de facto center, in doing so hali has never been able to shrug off the self interests that color what it reports and how it does this.

The very tone of this email in suggesting you NEED hali in your life is typical of the imperious and condescending pseudo-"corporate" psychology that has existed since pinner and little lord franses were at the helm.

Does anyone really need it? I venture to say no, not really.

The rug world does NEED independent forums where scholarly, scientific and thoughtful information can be disseminated, as well venues where collectors of all stripes and the public at large can come together to share their experiences and interests. The lack of this capability is one of the glaring deficiency rugdom needs to address but surely subscribing to hali magazine, regardless what hali or schaeffer imply or might like you to believe, will not do anything to effect this.

Actually in the long run by ridding itself of hali, the pompous icoc rule by secretive exclusive committee membership and recently completed co-optation of acor's supposed antithesis of such bureaucratic hierarchical rule some truly nourishing organizations and groupings might emerge. Of course recognizing this will make things difficult in the short run, however, as the old blues tune laments: “To get what you want, you have to loose what you have.”

By the way the e gallery, like every other project hali has attempted besides selling ego-boosting adverts to rug dealers and glossy paper to subscribers, is mired poor concept and miserable execution. It will never be successful and like cloubland.com will remain at best a blip on the net…selling rugs in person is hard enough, forget trying to do it with small digital photos, especially when charging the seller for the privilege.

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