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Fri, May 7th, 2004 09:55:00 AM
Topic: Forget Soul Searching Just Get Lost

Some weeks ago RK.com decided to ignore the moronic dribble that emanates daily from turkkotek.com and while our policy will remain the following post, which appeared there, begged mention.

The internet is a free, wide-open place where anyone, regardless of talent or expertise, can hang out a shingle proclaiming whatever they want or stake out a claim on any territory they choose. There are no requirements, no tests to pass, no board of governors to convince, the only requirements are financial - pay to register a URL, hosting account and a webmaster to design and program the site.

This freedom is a two-edge sword. On the one hand it allows the "little" guy" to compete with the "big guy" as it levels the playing field making all websites ostensibly equal. That's the up side and perhaps one of the greatest reasons for the netís success. But like all two-edge swords, there's a down side as well. By allowing anyone to do and say anything on a website with no regulation, rules or regulatory body a huge amount of mis- and dis-information, chicanery, malfeasance and worse gets passed off as "fact". It's obvious this often leads to a situation where those who are inexperienced, naive, or just plain too lazy or dumb to check out what they read get bamboozled, confused, turned on or turned off by what they have read.

There is a old saying - don't believe everything you read and it might well be the mantra of any internet surfer.

From the comments above it might seem that RK.com is advocating controls and regulations be put on the internet to prevent this ongoing circumstance. Far from it as RK.com believes in self-regulation rather than having an outside body to do this job.

In a perfect world self-regulation is a given but such a utopian vision is far from fact. Why? because self-regulation takes intelligence and honesty, two qualities that are in short supply not only on the net but almost everywhere else.

Ok you might ask: What does all t his have to do with turkkotek.com or rugs? Here is what was posted on turkkotek:

"Dear folks -

I expect that this thread is not going to be lost; that it contains too much useful information not to be archived. But before it is, I want to offer a comment about what has not happened here.
It seems to me that the Kaffels have presented some very strong material and a great deal of information about them.
But what has followed has been an almost frighteningly loud silence. We "say" that we want to talk about good and interesting rugs here, and that we want more experienced folks to participate more, but I wonder.
Very often, a rather indifferent, newish piece will produce far more posts than we have managed here about what I think it would be hard not to acknowledge is often quite superior material.
Perhaps Ralph has provided most of the information that might be the source of questions in most posts, but it is a curious thing to me (and this is not the first time this has happened, only perhaps the most dramatic one) why this material have not produced more posts.
As a person who occasionally puts a little energy in producing such initial posts, I can testify to the fact that the subsequent lethargy of response is discouraging. Makes one wonder whether one should continue to take the trouble (and I find that I am already doing so less frequently).
I think if we want good posts of interesting materials to continue we need to move away a bit from the "audience" mode in which it seems many of us are mostly participating and to join the conversation...and with something beyond snappy one-liners. Regards, R. John Howe"

There are a number of errors and misconceptions here but one truism stands tall above all else : None of the participants - those who are organizers/inner circle members, frequent or occasional posters or lurker lookie louies HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY.

Howe's soul searching, which is so long overdue it's by now still-borne and atrophied, is the most truthful self-commentary that has ever graced turkkotek.com's discussion board.

Why then do these people continue when such an observation is so blatantly clear it hurts? Simply put ego and the desire to see ones name in print.

Let's also not forget self-regulation requires intelligence and honesty besides two eyes that are wide open, or at least open enough to let the light in. Turkkotek.com's crew has proven they are brain dead and blind, they have proven immune to external and even internal criticism. This is not the first time Howe has asked why but it is the first time it is spelled out and not hidden behind a veil of self-delusion and blah-blah.

Pulling the plug on turkkotek.com is long overdue. Comments like kaffel's material is strong and his presentation contained a great deal of material about them is not only ridiculous, it's stupid. The pieces the Kaffels presented at acor are middle of the road, barely collector quality. They surely are not very old or very interesting in comparison to the now large corpus of extant published and well-known unpublished examples. Plus it is not possible to characterize kaffel's commentaries on them, which say little other than where he noticed similar examples in the literature and their sizes, as anything other than amateurish. He, too, has nothing to say about them(not that there is in reality anything to say about this genre of workshop, arts and craft or made for market weaving).

But then who would expect howe or those who frequent turkkotek.com to know this?

No-one would and that's the crux. Turkkotek.com is as close to worthless as Wonder Bread - if your starving it'll fill your stomach but forget about "building bodies in 12 ways" as their advertising jingle used to proclaim. A diet of exclusively Wonder Bread, like turkkotek.com, will not sustain life for long.

So instead of soul searching for the reasons why nothing of value, or even anything of little value, happens on turkkotek.com or ever expecting it to, especially after five years of it being online, anyone with even a semblance of intelligence and honesty would realize its time to fold up the clown tent and disappear.

So as the saying goes - JUST DO IT and do it soon, boys, your time is long overdue.

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