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Sun, May 16th, 2004 11:19:32 AM
Topic: pinner Post-Sale Review Part I

The prices realized and Rk.com's comments about them are now posted in the Truth Hurts Topic Area(**note all pinner discussion threads now appear in the Turkmen Topic Area) of the discussion board. It was a real debate where to put them and after some deliberation it was decided that was the best place for them to appear, as Rk.com doubts anyone would declare the sale to be an unqualified success or would there be many who could even call it a limited success. However, the fact most things did sell, albeit at often very low prices, might lead some to say it was. This type of logic doesn't impress us and the Truth Hurts is both the right place and the best comment one could make about the way pinner and rippon-boswell handled the dispersion of his collection. Rk.com believes it deserved better and only didn't achieve its maximum possibilities because of the way all personalities involved mistakenly believed their modus operandi would work. They failed and the results are there for all with eyes wide open to see.

For those optimists, of the blind or brain-dead ilk, who disagree RK.com would like to remind them many of those lots sold for prices below pinner's cost prices and after holding them for decades pinner's return on investment (surely a consideration, but not the major one, all collectors are cognizant thereof) was in the minus department, both in real monetary terms or any conceivable others.

The truth hurts pinner but it also splattered all over maltzahn, for his dopey low estimates and both sienknecht and maltzahn for the lack of erudition and honesty their catalog descriptions revealed - both personally and professionally for those two sweaty-palmed pseudo-experts.

Rk.com welcomes either or both of them the opportunity to defend themselves and, of course, offers pinner himself the chance as ell. But we know this is but an excercise none of them will accept, for they have neither the guts nor ability to counter what has been written here.

Like beauty, success is in the eye of the beholder but unlike beauty, which has no price tag attached, an auction is measured by results, which were mediocre at best on Friedrichstrasse 45 at 3 pm on Saturday, May 15, 2004.

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