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Wed, May 26th, 2004 12:00:24 PM
Topic: Email to boswell

mr maltzahn:

I do trust by now you have had the opportunity to read the preview and review of the pinner sale posted on RugKazbah.com (http://rugkazbah.com)

Since your name was frequently mentioned in those posting, and in all fairness, we would like to, once again, offer you the opportunity to present your views not only on the topics pertaining to you that appear there but also any others you would like to raise

We have had a substantial number of emails and a marked traffic increase since the pinner collection auction's mentions on our site that signify the publics interest in what we had to say about the offerings, the way the sale was organized and your role as auctioneer and cataloguer.

Should you decide not to respond to this invitation, which was publicly posted on RK.com simultaneously with the sending of this email to you, it will be clear to all concerned your reticence to do so is based on the grounds you accept what has been said.

Please note : RK.com is an open, unmediated forum and rest assured whatever you chose to submit will be uncensored and untouched. Of course, we will be glad to comment about any points you might raise in our usual unfettered and unbiased manner.

Yours truly,

Jack Cassin



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