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Wed, Jun 30th, 2004 12:06:43 PM
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Many RK.com readers will be familiar with the name of michael bischoff from his nonsensical postings about Anatolian kelims and then his persistent cry-baby attempts to elicit sympathy for his having been the only user to be denied the right to post here on our board. This big-mouthed rug poser worked hard to earn that distinction and also to be on the receiving end of what some might call brutal commentary concerning his dopey opinions about early Anatolian slit-tapestry (kelim) weavings and the weaving environments and culture that produced them.

From the get-go bischoff (whose name is really bischof but we added the extra "f" for reasons some of you will, we are sure, be able to figure out) presented himself as a researcher and "ex-purt" but as time went on it became clear he was really a rug-salesman in disguise. When questioned elsewhere about what hat he actually wore bischoff demurred and kept inferring his interests were "scientific" and not sales-oriented. Well, so much for asking a dumkopf a straight question and regardless of his protestations to the contrary RK.com knew bischoff's intent for posting on the net was always to find clients to sell his pieces or his supposed "expertise".

Interestingly enough, and the reason for this post, was the finding of a short article in hali 25 (January 1985) by herwig bartels ( another rug poser of an entirely different sort but still a poser in RK.com opinion) about michael bischoff. Here it is in its entirety:

Close to the city of Mainz in Rhine Hessia is the small village of Lonsheim. In amongst the vine-growers and craftsman of the region Mr. and Mr. Michael Bischof(ed. italics from the original not added by us) have opened a delightful gallery. Behind one of the area's typically huge doors is Gallery Gokpinar, Obergasse 22, 6509 Lonsheim W. Germany, Tel: 067 34-8158 - 'Gokpinar' being Turkish for 'heaven's source', named after a region west of Malatya in Eastern Anatolia. In what used to be the village coach maker's house a glass staircase now leads to a gallery full of light in the attic of the building. Fresh spring water flows through a courtyard at the back of the building providing a welcome drink for the visitor.

As collectors who often travelled(sic) to Turkey, they became dealers out of necessity and have found an unusual happy synthesis of pleasant surroundings in which they run their business. Apart from Anatolian kilims they also offer village rugs and a wide range of other interesting textiles. They have concentrated, so far as it is possible, on selecting pieces made for domestic use. Herwig Bartels"

Obviously bischoff's attempt to become a dealer in a shoppe failed and his gallery disappeared off the scene - too bad it didn't take big-mouthed bischoff with it.

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