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Wed, Jul 14th, 2004 01:55:11 PM
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Under the highfalutin title of "Research Reports" richard wright's website contains a number of "reports" on various topics related to Oriental Rugs. In most of these rather short one page soap-box topical electronic speeches wright only compiles what other authors have published adding little of his own "thoughts" or better yet any of his own research.

While Wright tries to give the impression his website and its 'reports" are worthy and illuminating in actuality they fall far short of those marks and are little more than resuscitations of what others have already published. Does wright think rug collectors need him to pre-digest and spoon-feed them what is generally available elsewhere? Or is he so self-centered not to believe anyone with real-world rug experience wouldn't notice his obvious attempts to play mother-bird.

This type of behavior is typical for the rug world where conferences speakers get up and re-visit what they have already published in their talks or, worse yet, what others have already stated without adding anything new or original of their own.

Mr. wright's website contents, from the forays Rk.com has made into looking at them, are long on supposed promises but short on realizing anything new, innovative or orignal.

A case in point is the newest addition to his collection of regurgitations entitled "Reflections on the Engsi".

Mr wright's short romp in ensi-land is abysmally vacant of anything worthy of the title "report" save that which might refer to a second grader's end of the school year work project. But what is far worse is his failure to even attempt to illuminate the opening gambit - a quote from Charles Grant Ellis - he chose : "What was the ensi before it became a hanging?".

Ellis uttered this rejoinder in 1993 and wright is right-on in citing it but he falls off into the deep silent murky waters that surround the mysterious ensi by never returning to Ellis's question.

Like an amateur wannabe matador who throws his red cape at the bull, wright's tossing out and opening with what anyone familiar with Turkmen rugs knows is a major black-hole is preposterously pompous considering he doesn't spend one word in trying to answer it. If wright was in the bullring he'd be running like hell to avoid getting speared by one or both of those sharp horns.

Fortunately for mr wright rugdom, unlike a 2000 plus pound bovine on a mission, is too stupid or lazy to even bother to question or critique this effort let alone to question the purpose this "reflection", or any of the other spiels listed on the home page, really are intended to accomplish.

For any readers wishing to sample the entire bowl of pabulum wright dishes up here is the URL for wright's website site: http://www.richardewright.com/reports.html.

Again RK laments when is rugdom going to wake up and realize the emperor's new clothes mentality, which permeates the rug world, is the major reason so few new collectors or aficionados bother to enter, let alone, remain interested in Oriental Rugs.

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