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Fri, Jul 16th, 2004 10:39:48 AM
Topic: La Modello Arriva

Pacific Collections #196 craycraft's 16,500 euro offering

On first seeing the second of the two soumak bags pictured above, when it was offered from sale on the internet, it stimulated a déjà vu and then a mental search for the reason why. Readers will surely remember it from the recent discussion in the "Another Bogus Soumak Bag" thread in this same Topic Area

Well, last night the source of that finally materialized when lo and behold on page 192 of the "Oriental Rugs from Pacific Collections" catalog the amazingly similar soumak bag illustrated above it popped into view. Illustrated as #196 with a recorded size of 18” X 19” this bag is surely NOT the same bag nor is it the other half of mr craycraft’s, as his piece weighs in at 25” X 24”.

Was this photo the modello for some enterprising repro artist’s creation? Or did someone else sponsor its creation, for the producer price of making such a fake in Turkey or Iran is a great multiple less than the 16,500 euro price tag it now carries.

If this is actually the modus operandi behind how craycraft’s piece came into being (RK.com is not inferring or suggesting mr craycraft had anything to do with this possibility) it would not be the first time a photo in a rug catalog or book served as the template for a repro.

Take a look at both pieces carefully and while a visual examination cannot be equated with handling it does amplify some of the points raised in RK’s dismissal of craycraft’s soumak and our questioning its authenticity.

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