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Author:john taylor
Thu, Jul 22nd, 2004 10:06:59 PM
Topic: Ardabil Fight-Club 6

Writing in Hali 80, Jennifer Wearden gives us a condition report concerning the early repairs to the London Ardabil carpet.

It seems there is only one major patch to the field directly beneath the lower lamp. The worst areas of damage are to the borders where corresponding parts of the LA County Ardabil were used as fill-in.

The remaining white ground border on the LA piece is also said to be heavily patched.

However, at the top of that rug, something strange has happened. The London Ardabil has corner medallions flanked by three ogival medallions and two halved ones(1).

On the LA carpet one entire ogival medallion is missing just below the inscription, as well as the major part of the corner medallion(2).

A large part of the upper field has also vanished at a point three flowers up from the larger lamp where it was then joined to the last flower beneath the inscription. As the LA carpet does not seem to have been cut straight across how was it finally assembled?

One possible solution can be demonstrated by taking the London Ardabil and removing the areas missing from the LA example. This gives us a first stage to ponder(3).

Removing the outer borders and the entire missing section of the lower field gives us a second(4).

After the borders and field had been suitably filled in with patches, one can imagine that this(5) was approximately the final form of the LA carpet before it was sewn together.

Ultraviolet photography would reveal all patches, seams and repairs on both carpets but this seems never to have been carried out.

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