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Author:Mike Whitney posted by jc
Sun, Jul 25th, 2004 12:29:09 AM
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The 911 Whitewash: Blaming No One
Jul 24, 2004
By Mike Whitney

It takes a lot of whitewash to cover over the murder of 3,000 Americans, but that’s what you get when you appoint a “hand-picked” panel to investigate a tragedy like 9-11.

The great virtue of selecting each member on an investigative team, (like the Bush Administration did) is that the results are assured before the first bit of evidence is examined. No embarrassing allegations or blame, just a “shrug of the shoulders” and “let’s move on”.

In Bush-world the “buck never stops”, it just keeps circulating until the public loses interest.

This is the reality of the “500 plus” page 9-11 report, that dismisses the incompetence (or treachery) of the people at the top, as a “failure of imagination.”

There was no failure of imagination. According to the report the President received “at least 12 warnings from the CIA that an attack was imminent”. Either, Bush and his cronies were asleep at the switch or they made damn sure the switch was in the right position for their “Pearl Harbor-like event”. (Alluded to in the Project for the New American Century)

The extent of the “whitewash” was painfully apparent last night on PBS’s Jim Lehrer News Hour. In a Margaret Warner interview with Condoleezza Rice, Warner (who always asks the “tough” questions) asked Rice, “Do you think it was a failure of imagination?”

Rice, who has been at the center of the 9-11 storm from the very onset, broke into a wide, Cheshire cat smile, unable to contain her glee. She knew (along with everyone else in the Bush Administration) that the report put to rest any implication of responsibility or, heaven forbid, culpability on the part of those in charge. Instead, it drew the broadest of conclusions, suggesting that even the “American people shared the blame for 9-11 for underestimating the terrorist threat”. (I’m not making this up)

Both commissioners of the 9-11 team appeared on The News Hour on Thursday, passing “o so softly” over the details, instead, opting to stick to their “talking points”. Those talking points could have been predicted before they went “on air”.

Both Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton emphasized that “When everyone is to blame…no one is to blame” (Again, I am not making this up)

Democratic hack, Hamilton went so far as to admit that, “We decided early on that we weren’t going to play the blame game.”

Say what?

The Administration convenes a panel to investigate the greatest act of mass murder in the country’s history and Hamilton doesn’t want to find out who is responsible?

This is pure gold.

Kean’s admissions weren’t much better. He took the approach that we were simply “caught napping” and so “we should focus on the future, not the past.”

Astonishing….an investigation that “focuses on the future”. This is a script worthy of Orwell.

At least now we know that the expressed intention of the commission leaders was to “never lay a glove” on Bush or his cronies.

They succeeded admirably.

As for the “Independent” Commission’s recommendations; the greatest emphasis was put on the need for a “National Intelligence Director”, who will have authority over the many disparate intelligence organizations and Congressional committees.

As Tom Kean said, “He should serve at the pleasure of the President”, assuring that the position will be filled by a political operative capable of maligning the facts in the same way the Pentagon’s OSP (Office of Special Plans ) did prior to the war in Iraq.

I expect this position to be “fine-tuned” by the Bush Administration to become the foundation of an American Secret Police…the Bush KGB.

It’s only a matter of time

Author: jc
Sun, Jul 25th, 2004 12:29:09 AM

The list of highly questionable and suspect acts the US government has clearly had some hand in - from ignoring the Japanese build-up and threat to Pearl Harbor to the charade of the Gulf of Tonkin incident; from the Kennedy assassination to the WTC/911 tragedy; from the Vietnam War to Iraq - make any thinking American, or for that matter anyone anywhere, shudder in shame and incomprehensibility.

The 911 commission’s tinker-bell fairy dusting of the facts, just like the Warren Commission, only serves to highlight how outrageous our leaders have become and how gullible and brain-dead the average-joes and janes of the US of A are in allowing them to get away with such BS.

This is so clear and present, it hurts just thinking about it.

Fortunately, there is a long list of writers who, like Mike Whitney, have presented well prepared, thought out and documented pieces to show exactly the magnitude of the latest crisis of usurpation of power and public trust. Sadly, however, is the fact the mainstream media - be it radio, TV or print - has virtually ignored them and their message while preferring to stick to the sick party lines and treason-ish 'talking points' the government's elected and appointed officials - the very people who perpetrate these unconscionable acts - outline for them.

Were it not for the internet there would be no visible dissent and the powers that be would roll on and on. But the net has created and will, from RK.com vantage point, continue to create awareness of what is really happening.

It is for this reason, to help to increase their exposure, RK.com will begin to post what we consider to be the best of these writings for our readers. We seriously hope you all will not only read and think carefully about them but also pass them along to your friends and family so they, too, can have the opportunity to read opposing views to those which the omnipresent radio and TV talking-heads are paid to ignore.

RK.com applauds the bravery and true patriotism of these journalists and writers, men and women who are willing to stand up and speak truth in the face of goose-stepping pseudo-patriots who think nothing of wrapping themselves in Old Glory while simultaneously destroying the Constitution, Bill of Rights and everything else those Stars and Stripes stand for.

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