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Author:Joe Vialls posted by jc
Thu, Aug 12th, 2004 05:31:13 PM
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Since 1989 Iraq and Iran have quietly amassed more than three hundred block-2 Aérospatiale Matra Exocet and Chinese C 801 sea-skimming missiles, purchased to protect Middle East crude oil from theft. Back in 1982 a single Exocet was responsible for sinking the British destroyer HMS Sheffield, and then in 1987 aother single Exocet cut the American frigate USS Stark in half. Now these 300+ refurbished and updated sea-skimmers have been placed on high alert. Their most likely target is a giant U.S. aircraft carrier trapped in the narrow waters of the Persian Gulf, loaded down with 70 aircraft and 5,500 very vulnerable American sailors. 

As American troops remain trapped inside Vietnam-style fortified fire bases in Iraq, their political masters in New York are realising too late that Iran guards the only line of retreat back down the Persian Gulf. The quasi Judeo-Christian 'Coalition of the Willing' is fast becoming the 'Coalition of the Damned'.  

Back in  December 2003 when I accurately forecast 4 months in advance that Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr would "open a southern front against the [Zionist] invaders in Iraq", my prediction was not derived from black magic or some sort of mystical extra sensory perception. Though at the time it probably seemed impossible to most in the west that Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims could or would fight together against America and the Jewish State, such action has in fact been inevitable since the late eighties, when Iraq and Iran formed a covert alliance designed from the outset to rid the entire Middle East of Zionist insurgents forever.

          Though this powerful alliance has been generally known to the upper levels of  Arab and Persian intelligence agencies in the Middle East for many years, it was easy to hide from countries in the west, who believed what they were taught to believe, and who then in turn forced their false beliefs onto the people by way of the ever-compliant media. "Shi'ite Muslims hate Sunni Muslims" and so on, and just to prove it President Hussein ruthlessly put down a Shi'ite uprising in southern Iraq. It was a stunning and thus utterly convincing put down, because these particular Shi'ites were working for the American CIA rather than for Baghdad or Tehran, making their demise in sovereign Iraq inevitable.

   The western intelligence agencies should have been able to recognise the deadly Alliance for what it really was, but most of them sadly lacked the capacity to do so. With the exception of Germany and France, who tend to stand aside from the pack, the agencies of America [CIA], Britain [MI6], Palestine [Mossad] and Australia [ASIS] act like a giant  global club, where each member of the club believes the rumors of other club members to the exclusion of all else.  So when the  Mossad says "Shi'ites hate Sunnis",  there is a faint echo of obsequious agreement from the CIA, MI6 and ASIS. Considerably amused by this gross and thus fatally flawed 'western intelligence', the French SDECE in particular keeps its distance, ordering its agents not to spoil the Zionist party by injecting real truth where it might not be welcome.

             Most thinking people in the west will be able to understand the Shi'ite - Sunni Alliance perfectly well, based on their own [mostly Christian] history. Though for centuries Roman Catholics and Protestants cheerfully slaughtered each other by the thousand, in recent times both splinter groups of the same religion have fought side by side in conflicts like World War II, to defeat what both factions jointly believed to be an 'evil' foe. Rest assured that Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims react in exactly the same way, and will fight to the death in order to rid their sovereign nations of  Christian and Jewish invaders.

            It is with the reality of this alliance in mind that we must view the latest developments in Iraq and Iran, because it is the only way to decode what is really happening. Though Sunni Baathist Republican Guard attacks on Americans and collaborators in the north of Iraq appear detached from Shi'ite Mehdi Army attacks on Americans and collaborators in the south, they are in reality fully-coordinated strikes by two separate oversized brigades of the same Alliance army, equipped with a very sophisticated military Command Control Communications intelligence [C3i] structure.

            The first hard intelligence of the Iraq-Iran alliance was in full public view thirteen years ago,  but was completely missed by observers in the west, due partly to the fog of war, and partly to the boastful antics of "Stormin' Norman" and his bevy of adoring junior American army officers. When President Hussein ordered that all serviceable jets and Exocet-equipped helicopters be transferred to Iran, Stormin' Norman branded this an act of cowardice, scornfully accusing the Iraqi Air Force of, "Running away from the fight". In fact, Stormin' Norman had just viewed Act One of the Alliance's master plan to remove all Zionists from the Middle East forever, but he was just too stupid to recognize it.

        Now think about this very carefully. At that time in 1991, both sides knew perfectly well that America completely lacked the logistic support to invade Iraq nationwide, so the simplest action for the Iraqis would have been to further disperse their combat jets to more than fifty rudimentary satellite airstrips [easy with Mirage and Mig fighters], and sit it out. If this was considered insufficient, then a portion of the Iraqi Air Force could have been temporarily dispersed into Sunni Jordan next door, because King Hussein was very much on Iraq's side. But no, President Saddam Hussein suddenly and inexplicably ordered that the entire Iraqi Air Force be delivered to Shi'ite Iran, an apparent enemy he had fought bitterly for eight long years at the behest of Wall Street.

Stormin' Norman's juvenile theatrics removed all attention from the Iraqi aircrews, who arrived in Iran to a discreet hero's welcome, before being flown back to the Iraqi border near Baghdad in VIP helicopters. This very action alone tells you directly that there was no intent to use these state-of-the-art Exocet launch aircraft at any time during Gulf War I, but no one noticed back in 1991. CNN was frantically milking the increased revenue from the ever-popular Stormin' Norman as fast as it could, and had no time to spare for the analysis of distant and perhaps unsubstantiated events like the total destruction of Zion. Life was wonderful for CNN investors, and they merrily partied on through the night, while Iranian flight mechanics carefully wheeled the precious Mirages and Exocets into specially air-conditioned hangars. 

            During the years that followed Iraq and Iran publicly threw swear words at each other,  while keeping an eye on the distant horizon for Zionists, who they knew would return one day, because Wall Street always does when strategic oil reserves are there to be pillaged.  And while Iraq and Iran continued the false animosity, China helped out behind the scenes by fitting a handful of ancient Iranian F4 Phantoms and a host of Iraqi Mig 29s with slightly updated home-grown versions of the French Exocet sea-skimmers, known only as "C 801" and C 802". Iranian F4 aircraft successfully fired the C 801 during their 1997 exercise "Road To Jerusalem", which is a really Freudian name for an anti-ship missile exercise, unless of course you happen to be privy to Alliance forward planning. 

            Then finally, when Wall Street finally plucked up the courage [and a couple of gullible allies called Great Britain and Australia], the Iranians kept their eyes downcast, and humbly murmured that they would not stand in the way of the "Coalition of the Willing" illegally invading Iraq. Naturally enough perhaps, Wall Street forgot to ask if Iran would allow them to leave again afterwards.

            Before the first American soldier even crossed the start line in Kuwait, Russia had discreetly provided the Iraqi Republican Guard with more than a thousand state-of-the-art Kornet anti-tank missiles, and at the same time positioned advanced Sukhoi 27s equipped with nuclear-tipped "Sunburn" supersonic cruise missiles in both Iran and Syria. The Kornets, Exocets, and C 801/802 weapon systems were free fire, i.e. the Iraqis and Iranians could use them whenever they saw the need, but the Russians retained strict fire control of the Sunburns.

            Russia is the undeclared and slightly biased umpire for this conflict, because it had and still has a mutual defense pact with Iran. So although just one Sunburn could transform all of Tel Aviv into heat and light in slightly under 80 seconds, Vladimir Putin reserves the right to decide whether or not this final mammoth step will be taken, because a 400 kiloton thermonuclear blast cannot possibly be mistaken for anything else, which might in turn lead to unpredictable complications at the international level. If at all possible then, Iraq and Iran are required to expel or destroy the Zionists invaders without resorting to critical nuclear weapons.

            As we now know, the Russian Kornets were used to great effect during the early phase of the invasion, knocking out a large but unspecified number of "impregnable" American Abrams tanks, though these lumbering beasts were never going to be a serious threat in urban or desert warfare.  The tanks eventually got bogged down with everything else, and nowadays all of the American military in Iraq spends 95% of its time sheltering inside giant fire bases reminiscent of Vietnam, because whenever they stray outside the high walls, somebody shoots them.

            Somehow Rumsfeld [who was never a general] forgot that no one but a madman tries to defeat fresh well-armed invaders with full bellies, because they can be a real pain in the ass. Far better to let the invaders get dirty and smelly over a few months, deliberately restrict [blow up] their convoys of food, fuel, and especially water, then start kicking sand in their faces when morale is rock-bottom and they just want to go home to mom. Decimating a demoralized army is so much easier, and requires less ammunition.   

   Early intelligence suggests initial Alliance strategy was to hold the sea-skimmers in reserve until America was comprehensively defeated on the ground in Iraq, then sink a frigate or two as the U.S. fleet tried to exit the Persian Gulf, which in turn is the only way back to America. The Persian Gulf is also the biggest and best Exocet shooting gallery anywhere in the world. The American defeat would then be highly visible and totally humiliating, ensuring that just like Vietnam, the American people would not allow its military sons and daughters to return for at least a century or more.

           This relatively mild strategy became obsolete the moment that the Zionist Cabal recently decided to "take out" Moqtada al-Sadr in Najaf, a man they regarded as a dangerous young upstart who could be removed from the battle with minimal risk to the overall future of Iraq. They could not have been more wrong, because in reality Moqtada al-Sadr is the Alliance's chosen leader for southern Iraq, anointed by both the Sunni Republican Guard in the north of Iraq, and by leading Shi'ite clerics in Iran. As we shall see, if Moqtada al-Sadr is killed or maimed, we will be into an altogether new and exceedingly lethal ball game.

            Understand clearly here that the American administration and their puppets in Baghdad have always been aware of a "certain risk" to American servicemen from the refurbished Exocets. Even the remote "possibility" of an Exocet attack on the American Fleet led Secretary Rumsfeld to demand that American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf be conventionally powered rather than nuclear.

            The Defense Secretary is not at all concerned by the prospect of 5,500 dead American sailors, but his masters in New York will sew his testicles into his mouth if an "avoidable" critical nuclear event in any way contaminates what Wall Street regards as its private reserves of crude oil in the Persian Gulf. Thus the current fleet carrier in the Gulf is the expendable CV67 "John F. Kennedy", a conventionally powered leviathan of some 80,950 tons, which requires at least 30 nautical miles of sea room to take any meaningful evasive action at all. 

            New York's sensitivity on the subject of sea-skimming missiles briefly became clear two weeks ago on July 31, when China's official new agency Xinhua reported from Baghdad, "Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim Al Shaalan has announced that his country intends to start negotiations with the Iranian government to restore the airplanes smuggled to Iran by the former Iraqi regime" … "The former Iraqi regime transferred a number of military  airplanes to Iran during the first Gulf war in 1991 to preserve them from the danger of the air raids of the coalition forces, but Iran refused to return them after the end of the military operations." The Iraqi defense minister said that the airplanes are Iraqi properties and should be returned to their original owner. "This issue would be discussed through forming an ad hoc committee from the two sides" said the hopeful puppet Iraqi defense minister.

            Someone somewhere in downtown Manhattan panicked at this sudden public exposure of the missing Iraqi aircraft, and immediately pulled the western media into line. Not one western media outlet was allowed to print a single detail about this Iraqi defense puppet statement, for fear the American public would find out more than it was allowed to know about the dramatically increased risk to its loved ones overseas in the Persian Gulf. In less than 90 minutes, all reference to this Xinhua press release, and links to the correct Xinhua web page, had been completely wiped off the American Google "Recent News" search engine, which must be a new Internet world record.

   There was plenty for Wall Street to panic about. As the vast numbers of Iranian Exocet and C 801/802 missiles became increasingly obvious, the numbed Zionist Cabal finally started to see the vague outline of the massive trap that had been sprung. Every minute of every day, Iranian AWACS aircraft record the precise movements and updated positions of every American vessel in the Persian Gulf. In turn, this precision data is fed to a string of fighter bases positioned north to south in western Iran,  where local operations continually program new target coordinates into an array of sea-skimming missile guidance systems.

            Try not to be misled by "sophisticated American defensive systems', because no such systems exist that are even remotely capable of countering a massed attack by sea-skimming Exocet and C 801/802 missiles. The Persian Gulf is only 100 miles wide on average, and each missile travels just below the speed of sound at an altitude of only six feet. Iran has all of the high ground, and American AWACS aircraft will be unable to detect the Mirages and Migs until after they burst out of the deep mountain valleys and over the Gulf proper at sea level, travelling at 0.96 Mach. All aircraft will already be on precise track for their American targets, as tersely advised in advance by the Iranian AWACS.

           You do the math. Because the Persian Gulf is relatively shallow on the western side, large ships are generally restricted to deeper water in the center, meaning that the John F. Kennedy is never more than 50 miles away from the Iranian coastline, and considerably closer when transiting the Strait of Hormuz. Let us call the range fifty miles, because it will make no difference at all to the sea-skimmers. Let us call the speed of the attack aircraft and the Exocet missiles the same, at 700 miles per hour. From the earliest point at which the attack aircraft can be spotted exiting the Iranian valleys, maximum flight time for either aircraft or missile to the John F. Kennedy  is a scant 4.28 minutes.

            Still time for American fighters to intercept the Iraqi attack aircraft, you think? No, not a chance, not even a slight one. Because the block 2 Exocet and C 801 both have ranges in excess of fifty miles, all attack aircraft will launch within one minute of breaking cover, then roll back for base at 0.96 Mach while still in sovereign Iranian airspace. The launched Exocets and C 801s, probably numbering between thirty and fifty in the first attack wave, will continue on track at exactly the same speed, just 6 feet above the sea, completely invisible to the radar on the AWACS aircraft and to the radars of the U.S. fleet.

            The accuracy and lethality of these relatively small sea-skimming missiles should not be underestimated. On Tuesday May 4, 1982, two Argentine attack planes launched a pair of Exocets at the British Fleet from a range of approximately 30 miles, with one of them locking onto the British destroyer HMS Sheffield. Travelling just below the speed of sound at an altitude between six and eight feet, the Exocet hit Sheffield amidships just above the waterline, its 350# directed-energy warhead penetrating deep inside the electronic fire control room. HMS Sheffield caught fire and sank, with the loss of  21 lives.

            Five years later on May 17, 1987, a single Iraqi Mirage locked onto the USS Stark in the Persian Gulf. Though by this time the frigate was fitted with "sophisticated anti-Exocet defenses", its radar completely failed to see the incoming Exocet, which hit the bridge structure, causing massive damage and killing 37 American sailors. In keeping with the best civilian Pentagon procedures, USS Stark's skipper, Captain Glenn Brindel, was relieved of his command, comprehensively scapegoated, and then forced to retire.

            Try to remember that in each case, a single Exocet hit amidships [i.e. a direct hit], and caused awesome damage out of all proportion to the size and cost of the missile itself. Exocet is a truly terrifying weapon against which there is still no effective defense, and a minimum of 50% will strike their targets if an attack is launched on an American carrier group in the Persian Gulf. Though a handful might accidentally strike screening destroyers and frigates, a conservative estimate indicates that a minimum of ten Exocets would hit the carrier. Survival under these circumstances would be extremely difficult.   

            Whether or not a premature attack is launched against the carrier group, seems to be directly linked to the fate of Moqtada al-Sadr in Najaf. The Zionists have been repeatedly warned to to leave him alone via diplomatic back channels, but at present it is unclear whether or not the warning has been received and clearly understood.

            Moqtada al-Sadr is a key member of the Iraq-Iran Alliance, meaning that a direct attack upon him is a direct attack on both Iraq and Iran. Should the Americans succeed in killing or maiming Moqtada al-Sadr, the balance of power in southern Iraq will be upset to the point where Alliance plans will have to be accelerated. In the casual view of this analyst, the chance of a massed carrier strike will then increase tenfold in order to redress the imbalance.

            Those licking their lips at the possibility of reprisals against Iran had best shut their mouths again, because there will not be any. Every attack jet that bursts out of an Iranian valley will be carrying the correct insignia of the Iraqi Air Force, notionally and factually at war with America since the illegal invasion of its sovereign territory. It will be defense at its very best, and entirely allowable under the umpire's rules. If the Zionists ignore the umpire and attack Iran, it is reasonable to expect that two unstoppable Mach 2.0 supersonic nuclear Sunburns will then be launched in the direction of Tel Aviv and Haifa.  Game, set and match.  

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