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Author:Joe Vialls posted by jc
Mon, Oct 4th, 2004 11:36:40 AM
Topic: Will America Surrender in Iraq?

America May Be Forced to Surrender in Iraq

While U.S. soldiers implement the latest Pentagon pedophile policy of using candy to lure Iraqi children into acting as 'human shields' for road convoys, the Republican Guard demonstrates its staggering ability to maroon the entire American Army inside Iraq, then destroy it at leisure.

The legitimate Iraqi Government represented by the Republican Guard, has now signalled that it will not be allowed to act as force protection during the inevitable U.S. retreat. The likely consequences of this for 120,000+ American servicemen trapped inside Iraq, are too horrific to contemplate. About one week ago, American forces and their hooded mercenaries carried out terror raids in the Iraqi city of Samarra, to the north of Baghdad. The 12 year-old boys on the left were dragged from their homes, blindfolded and beaten. Is this the low point in America's colonial adventures, or can we expect these hooded American "heroes" to sodomize the boys as well next time around? When I first saw these photographs, I understandably thought they were pictures of depraved Jewish murderers up to their normal vile tricks in Palestine. Sadly, I was wrong. The hoods with the guns are bona-fide Americans from a town near you.

The situation in Iraq has deteriorated so quickly these past few months, that throughout this report I will be cutting in direct quotes of American deaths in the field you have not been told about, and in all probability never will be. Convoys are being shredded, American bases are under mortar and rocket attack every day of the week, and morale is at an all-time low. In order to be able to stay in Iraq at all, American ground forces rely completely on convoys carrying water, food, ammunition and fuel, in that order of importance. Without convoys, the Americans will starve, and eventually be overrun by more than 50,000 highly-trained Iraqi Republican Guardsmen, and their countless Shi'ite Mehdi Army allies in the south.

Quite obviously the Zionist fools running this failed invasion are determined that American forces will stay, because this is Wall Street's very last chance to steal Middle East crude oil, and they don't give a damn how many American or Iraqi lives they have to sacrifice in the process. But even they in their madness know that soldiers have to eat, and have now resorted to desperate measures to ensure that the convoys got through. Six weeks ago, Wolfowitz & Co. ordered that all convoys carry vast quantities of candy, to be used to entice young Iraqi children towards the American vehicles, there to be used as tiny "human shields", in the vain hope that Iraqi forces would refrain from attacking the convoys because of the risk to their own children.

Sick? Yes of course it is, but then Wolfowitz is a Zionist Jew, and you need only look six hundred miles further west to watch about five million of his depraved cousins doing exactly the same thing to Palestinians in occupied Palestine. We have all been relatively desensitized over the years, as a seemingly endless chain of Zionist snipers have grinned and given the thumbs-up, after blowing a hole though the skull of an unarmed pre-school Palestinian child. The reality is that Zionist Jews like Wolfowitz are mass murderers and child-abusers, who will continue killing and abusing until we finally sentence them to death at the forthcoming War Crimes Tribunal.

Quote: "The Iraqi Republican Guard battled US troops in violent combat that reached its most ferocious between 6:45pm and 7:20pm Wednesday night in the city of al-Qa'im on the border with Syria. The US forces made up of 20 Marine Abrams tanks, and three Republican Guardsmen were martyred in the course of the fighting. Two Republican Guard pickup trucks were also destroyed in the fighting. Three US tanks were destroyed and one other disabled after Resistance forces fired SBG-9 and C5K rockets at the Americans. Fifteen US Marines were killed in the bloody battle."

This twelve year-old girl could be your daughter or she could be mine. After being lured towards an American convoy north of Baghdad with brightly-colored jelly beans, the little girl was shot through the head. The exit wound in the back of her skull proves she was shot from the front, i.e. from one of the convoy vehicles. The longer American troops stay in occupied Iraq, the more their behavior mirrors that of murderous Jewish terrorists in occupied Palestine.

To have any real chance of bypassing the Zionist-controlled western media and truly understanding what is happening in Iraq, it is essential for us to reverse the situation, meaning we have to put ourselves in the same terrible predicament that the Iraqi people are in today. Let us imagine that the Chinese Government has arbitrarily invaded America with a force of 150,000 troops because of the [very real] stocks of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction', and has also managed to gain air superiority over American airspace. So now we have Chinese ammo convoys on the highways, and Chinese tanks casually taking pot-shots at pre-school kids in Los Angeles. Now then, do we believe the propaganda in the "Beijing Times" that all of our ground troops have been defeated, and that local Americans are clamoring to join the Chinese police force?

No, of course not, because it is all absolute rubbish. Though the Chinese have air superiority [meaning American tanks are 100% vulnerable], we still have several divisions of highly trained and heavily armed ground troops, who long ago dispersed away from their obvious fixed barracks, and are now operating from hundreds of discrete tactical locations. These soldiers are our only hope of retaining our own American way of life, so we help them in any way that we can to defeat the insufferable Chinese invaders. We stash their weapons and ammo in our houses on demand, we willingly give them water and food, and we find a place for them to rest between bouts of urban combat.

Quote "The Iraqi Republican Guard planted two bombs in the path of a US Marine column of six Humvees near ar-Rabtah. The two blasts, that took place at 8:10pm local time destroyed two Humvees, each one equipped with a 40mm cannon and a laser screen. Four US troops were killed and three others wounded in the attacks."

Unfortunately we have big problems in Los Angeles, San Francisco and some smaller cities, where ethnic gangs of no particular loyalty are signing up with the new "Chinese-American Democratic Police Force" in droves. This is their chance to make it big, and get their own back on wealthier Americans at the same time. The gangs are a very real threat to our national security, because they have eyes everywhere, and the ability to report American troop movements to the Chinese invaders. Put simply, they are low-grade traitors who must be stopped.

Fortunately every Organisation of this kind needs one or more recruiting centers, so we locate them as rapidly as possible and pass the position information on to local military contacts. Public announcements are made on pirate radio, warning the gangs of the lethal consequences of joining the Chinese, but they are ignored. The military quietly rig a few dozen remote-controlled truck and car bombs, and position them in strategic locations near the recruiting centers. In less than three months, more than 2,000 wannabe Chinese ethnic gang members have been killed or partly dismembered, and we all celebrate the victory with a couple of quiet drinks.

Quote: "Four Marines and seven Iraqi puppet troops were killed in battles in al-Latifiyah. Fighting broke out at about 12:00 noon local time and lasted until about 1:30pm. US forces backed by Iraqi puppet troops with Abrams tanks set out to storm houses in the area of the al-Jannabat tribe, but Republican Guard soldiers attacked them with rocket-propelled grenades and C5Ks as well as Dimitrov machine guns. Four US Marines were killed and one troop transport vehicle disabled. Two green Mitsubishi pickup trucks belonging to the Iraqi puppet forces were set ablaze by Resistance fire, as was a white Iraqi troop transport vehicle, a 2-tonne Kia."

By now, our little excursion into hypothetically occupied America should have brought home the reality of the situation in Iraq today. Americans will never submit to colonial rule dressed-up as 'democracy' by the Chinese, and Iraqis will never submit to colonial rule dressed-up as 'democracy' by the Zionist Cabal in New York. And just as American patriots would be absolutely convinced they could and would eventually expel or defeat their 150,000 Chinese invaders, so too are Iraqi patriots absolutely convinced that they can and will expel or defeat their 125,000 American invaders. They are right of course, but what remains to be seen is whether the Iraqi Republican Guard and Mehdi Army will allow the Americans to withdraw, or whether they intend to trap the Americans inside Iraq, and starve them into eventual surrender and war crimes trials.

Until now there has been a wide belief in the west, generated primarily by the "New York Times" and other fictional newspapers, that America [for which read "The New Zion"] would have a tough time of it in Iraq initially, but would eventually 'prevail' when ordinary Iraqis 'came to their senses' and finally appreciated the overwhelming benefits of compulsory Zionist democracy. Oh, sure! Just as Americans would eventually and lovingly embrace the Chinese as their new lords and masters…

Quote: "At 9:10pm Wednesday night local time The Mehdi Army attacked a US provisions convoy that was on its way to al-Kut. The Mehdi Army fired rocket-propelled grenades (RPG-7s) and C5K rockets, destroying one military supply truck and one troop transport vehicle loaded with equipment. A Humvee was also destroyed in the attack. Five US troops were killed."

Even the most pessimistic of observers assumed that if the worst came to the worst, the American invasion force would carry out a "tactical withdrawal" [Americans never "retreat"] south towards Kuwait, and then perhaps take a giant swipe at the Saudi oilfields on their way home down the Persian Gulf. Not one person in America ever canvassed the possibility that like the British Army at Dunkirk during World War II, the entire American invasion force might be completely trapped inside Iraq, with literally no way out. But remember here that because Dunkirk had direct access to the North Sea, the British were able to save large numbers of their men. At best, American forces in Iraq are a minimum of 200 miles inland from the Persian Gulf, and every inch of that land is intensely hostile.

Quote: "At 8:45pm Friday, Republican Guardsmen in the al-Kayyarah area of Baghdad attacked US forces by detonating bombs in their path and then opening fire on them with RPGs and DBG9s, disabling three US Abrams tanks. Then at about 9:15 Mehdi Army soldiers in Madinat as-Sadr totally destroyed two Humvees with bombs planted on the Canal Bridge near the building that formerly housed the Ministry of Transport and Communications, killing seven US troops. A green Nissan pickup was also destroyed in the attack, killing three members of the Iraqi puppet forces."

American invasion forces currently occupy fire bases in north and north-central Iraq, while Poles and others have fire bases in south central. Note that the British, with hard memories of Dunkirk, have placed themselves in the perfect position for rapid emergency exfiltration by water, when the end finally comes. For the Americans, the only way out is to the south by road via Kuwait, a distance of more than 300 miles needing massive supplies to undertake, but the Republican Guard and Mehdi Army keep destroying the supply convoys. Now imagine yourself as an American soldier in Kirkuk, running low on water, food and ammo. Between you and salvation in Kuwait, lie approximately 1.3 million heavily-armed and furious Iraqi fighers.

Just after the invasion started, the U.S. discovered to its horror that Russia had supplied the Republican Guard with 1,000+ advanced Kornet anti-tank missiles, quite capable of disabling the previously invincible American Abrams M1 Main Battle Tank, used primarily to protect less heavily armored vehicles and troops. In a very real sense, each Abrams tank was a compact and mobile indestructible 'fort' complete with a large 120-mm gun, just what was needed to protect vast mobile columns of men and equipment, but that was before the Russian Kornet, and long before the new horror shown in the video at the top of this page, whatever it might be.

The Russian Kornet missile typically penetrates the Abram's armor and disables the tank by killing one or more of its crew, and/or by starting a slow fire, but for all that the Kornet packs a relatively small explosive charge. On the few occasions that an Abrams has been completely destroyed by a Kornet, the process has been slow, starting with a small fire which has spread to the propellant charges in the turret bustle, which in turn and over time leads to a bigger fire, more internal pressure, and the likelihood that the turret ring will burst, hurling the turret off to one side. Regardless, very large identifiable chunks of the tank always remain for the souvenir hunters, and I have never seen any weapon [even heavy caliber aircraft rockets] detonate a complete tank like a hand grenade, which is exactly what happens in the video at the top of this page.

This particular Abrams was in transit at about 40 m.p.h. to the north of Baghdad on 17 September, being faithfully tracked by a video camera at long range. Thus there is no chance that this was some sort of catastrophic 'accident' because the camera ignores all other vehicles on the road [of which there are several], and zooms in on this tank alone, just in time to record it exploding into dinner-plate size chunks is slightly less than one quarter of one second. All twelve members and supplementary members of the tank crew vanished, with only a few minor body parts recovered later.

After examining each individual frame of the blast expansion until my head was spinning with fatigue, I finally concluded that the explosion started inside the tank, though the cause remains unknown. I can only suggest that in order to create the several millions of pounds of pressure needed to completely fragment this veritable masterpiece of Chobham and DU mesh armor, in less than a quarter of one second, the new weapon would need to be in the micro-nuclear or gas plasma class at the very minimum.

Exactly what the weapon is, might be virtually irrelevant to what appeared to be a terrifying demonstration for the other American armor crews on that road at the time. Though you have not been told about this tank or its twelve dead crew members, I can assure you that everyone in the U.S. Armored Corps now knows about the 62-ton 'invincible' Abrams, which literally vaporized in front of the other tank crews' startled eyes. Remember, this was the one weapon system left which might have provided limited road protection on the long trek south to Kuwait, but someone somewhere has now demonstrated their ability to pop a 62-ton Abrams M1 like a party balloon.

Quote: "US F-16 and F-14 aggressor aircraft together with Apache helicopters on Friday night mounted a vicious attack on the Madinat as-Sadr section of Baghdad. US planes dropped 11 large and medium-sized anti-personnel container bombs, i.e., a grand total of 22,000 cluster bombs on urban civilian homes in the Iraqi capital. . Each container consists of 2,000 cluster bomblets, internationally prohibited weapons that the Americans have taken to using extensively against population centers in Iraq. Beginning at 10:52pm Friday night and continuing for over an hour, US invader forces also bombarded the neighborhood with 30 artillery fragmentation shells fired from the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah, and from the as-Saddah area of Baghdad."

It seems likely that some readers will have been trying to work out mentally from the quotes exactly how many Americans have died in Iraq during the last week or so, with that information totally suppressed by the media because of the upcoming 'important' US Presidential Elections. To be honest I do not have the total, and have only included about five of the more serious actions that took place during the last week. Overall there are now 80+ attacks on Americans and American bases per day, with an absolute minimum 101 dead during the last seven days. If you think it worth asking either Presidential contender a question about Iraq, ask him not when American troops will be coming home, but whether he can issue a 100% guarantee that they will be coming home at all.

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