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Thu, Oct 14th, 2004 11:27:54 AM
Topic: Wonderful? Says Who

The autumn sale at rippon-boswell, recently "reviewed" on the hali website, was presumably penned by danny schaeffer. Often while reading mr schaeffer's scribblings anyone with an intimate knowledge of rugs and the marketplace for them can not help but feel like a stranger in a strange land, for danny-boy's take on things is invariably coloured not by reality but rather what hali wants its readers to believe is reality.

Case in point is the following description (of the rug illustrated above) which was featured in that sale review:
"...while lot 134, a Shirvan, also rather worn, had a wonderful ancient design and lovely colours,"

While this ruin might hold some fascination for someone with a novice "eye" schaeffer's characterizing it as having a "wonderful ancient design" once again demonstrates either his lack of discernment and rug expertise, penchant to spin doctor the facts to express hali speak or, as RK.com views much of what appears in the rug world's leading rag, a good helping of both.

Rk.com is positive we are not the only ones to question danny-boy's comments about this mediocrity but we are even more sure no-one else will do so publicly. And that dear readers is, as Paul Harvey says, "the rest of the story".

Author: jc
Thu, Oct 14th, 2004 11:27:54 AM

And by the way: How many of you were impressed, or even ho-hummed, by schaeffer's comment that the rug pictured above was supppossedly a Baku (an attribution RK has some difficulties swallowing) or that it is, in more of schaeffer's mumblings "...a genuine village rug from the 19th century Caucasus."?

We can find agreement with danny-o that it too is "...badly worn..." but seriously question his conviction of a Baku provenance, let alone the genuine village benediction he so assuredly annoints it with.

Isn't it about time hali started to realize their shell-game is now wearing thin??

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