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Tue, Oct 19th, 2004 02:20:18 PM
Topic: Singapore Ben

schaeffer you clod

come on now and get real

is your hali website championing of a toady like ben fernandes for an award from the rug community anything more than just another typically myopic and stupid utterance?

are you really so full of yourself and hamburgers that little else can exist in your cranium?

time's a wastin, danny-boy - the rug world is drowning in mediocrity and amateurish nonsense that is do mostly to the inept efforts to "do something" hali, you and the numerous other idiots who populate the various icoc and acor posts strain to think up

you all should resign/retire and let the subject of historic Near Eastern weaving cultures and the products they produced guide their own way, unimpeded, into public consciousness

one thing is horribly clear your efforts along with and the rest of the ruggies who have assumed such self-important "luminary" status can only, at best, be described a less than average...

case in point is fernandes' Turkmen "exhibition" which is in reality nothing more than another conglomeration airport art masquerading as, and hyped as, what it surely ain't - ART

so congrats on earning your living from rugs danny-boy but too bad it is done at the expense of seeing some public recognition for the real masterpieces of Near Eastern textile art (and not the myriad of poser pieces i.e. like that miserably late and artistically worthless fernandes eagle group main rug, etc) remain as lifeless as a stillborn baby

Guaranteed: if i didn't appreciate these weavings so much reading your drivel, as well as more than 90% of the rest of what appears between hali's greasy covers, would surely turn me far away from this subject.....and i am sure that's the reason many other thinking folk, who are not as inexorably wrapped up in it as i am, have already done just that -

check your subscription roles, tubby - the dwindling readership should lead even a meat-head like you to realize this....

Author: jc
Tue, Oct 19th, 2004 02:20:18 PM

Here is the photos of Fernandes' "eagle"-group main rug

Anyone's calling this thing a world-class example, which I am not implying schaeffer did, would be considered nothing more than downright dumb. But by using this photo in the hali write-up of the Singapore "exhibition" that contains danny-boy's request for a rug community award for Fernandes sure makes it appear hali (and it's know-little editor who penned it) think so.

Why else would it have been chosen, after all it is the only pictured Turkmen piece from the "exhibition"?

Oh, by the way, do I have this all wrong?? Was that insipid Gulli-Gol rug in the foreground of schaeffer's photo really meant to show Singapore Ben's great rug acumen and taste??

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