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Author:Joe vialls posted by jc
Wed, Oct 20th, 2004 09:08:07 AM
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British Troops to Die for America in Latifiyah

Copyright Joe Vialls, 20 October 2004

The men in the center picture are not fictional 'al-Qaeda insurgents', but part of Iraq's highly organised and 100% legitimate army, busily ridding their cities and towns of New York puppets, collaborators, and illegal invaders. If Russian or Chinese forces illegally invaded your own home town of Austin, Texas, or Manchester, England, they would be repelled and defeated by your own national armies in exactly the same way.

The media never told you American forces suffered a staggering defeat south of Baghdad on October 9, and Wolfowitz is now demanding that Tony Blair send British troops into the same lethal Republican Guard killing grounds at Al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah

All paragraphs printed in italics are direct reports from 'Mafkarat al-Islam' journalists, who are permanently embedded with the Republican Guard and Mehdi Army across Iraq. For security reasons, the individual counter-insurgency units Mafkarat al-Islam accompany are referred to only as "The Resistance"

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is desperate because he has a very big problem, and desperate men like Mr Blair do desperate things. The problem poor Tony faces is called the illegal invasion of Iraq, a staggering Zionist war crime he is intimately involved in, and which threatens to have him thrown out of office when elections are held in Great Britain next year. His defeat seemed inevitable until New York's Neocons, led by Paul Wolfowitz, hinted that they could get Blair across the line by use of sophisticated subliminal techniques on British television. Genuine George Orwell stuff brought to life twenty year after 1984, but there would be a price to pay in advance, because there always is. When Wall Street does you a favor, it expects your unquestioning obedience for life.

Several months ago when the proposition was first put to him, Tony Blair was almost scornful, but his New York minders advised him to watch Australia very carefully. At that time, new Australian opposition leader Mark Latham was way ahead in the opinion polls, mostly by exposing Prime Minister John Howard's multiple lies and deceptions about Iraq, and by promising to pull Australia's forces out of the Middle East before Christmas. Latham was a certain winner for sure, with Howard on the fast track to political oblivion.

The lead narrowed somewhat within two weeks of the election, but it was during the last seven days than an invisible miracle started to work its magic on the minds of Australian television viewers. All of a sudden, little bald lying John Howard didn't seem quite so bad, and people started to actually like him, or at least their brains told them they did. On election night the invisible magic proved its worth, with Howard's unpopular sitting government regaining office by virtue of an impossible uniform nationwide voter swing towards his party.

At no time in Australian and British political history has a sitting government, even a popular one, received a nationwide uniform voter swing in its favor. In the past, sitting governments have managed to return with more individual seats, normally because of charismatic candidates or boundary changes, but that is quite different from an entire nation suddenly going all warm and cuddly about a short fat man who had continually lied to them, abused their political and human rights, sent their loved ones off to fight as mercenaries in an illegal invasion, and, oh yes, signed up with Wall Street for a trade deal that would deny them and their families revenue from their farms and small businesses, and largely deny them subsidized hospitals and medicines.

It will come as no great surprise for most readers that the Australian Election was held on October 9, the very same day that neocon Wolfowitz sent thousands of heavily-armed Marines and other US servicemen into Al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah, south of Baghdad.

Wolfowitz knew the results would be catastrophic for the Americans because this was Republican Guard heartland, but he really did not care. This clinically insane neocon had an equally insane plan to suck more British and Australian troops up into central Iraq, thereby allowing him to later clear a western exfiltration route through Fallujah and Jordan for select American and Israeli personnel.

"Al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah were the scene on Saturday of fierce fighting. All types of weaponry were employed by the sides. Mafkarat al-Islam correspondents in the area reported that the battle raged during the day for 10 hours, beginning at 6:30 am. Major fighting died down at around 4:00 pm. More than 3,000 US Marines took part as well as all types of helicopters and airplanes in the attack on al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah, but the Resistance was prepared for them and fired back with Grad, Tariq SPG9, C5K, Katyusha, and Strela rockets, 60mm, 82mm, 120mm mortars and fired RPG7s and BKCs at the aggressors. US Cobra helicopters bombarded the northern part of al-Yusufiyah, and took part in the assault on al-Latifiyah, destroying 25 houses and numerous private cars and killing 12 Iraqi civilians."

Naturally enough at this stage, Tony Blair had no idea this suicidal strike was taking place, because that same night he was sitting in London drooling over the Australian election results. It had gone exactly as predicted by Wall Street several months before, and even if Blair had known about the advanced pulse-modulated 'mood' frequencies interlaced with the political advertising on Australian television, he would not have cared.

For all practical and visible purposes "the people had spoken", as required by the highly questionable rules of the phoney two-party democratic system. Tony Blair had already been an effective dictator for several years, had grown to like it, and intended to stay on no matter what it cost the British people or their sons and daughters in the Middle East. Without further ado, he sold his soul to Wall Street the very next morning.

Despite the savagery of the combined American air and ground assaults on the largely-civilian populations of Al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah, it soon became obvious that this would be no casual walk through Central Park. Though the fast attack jets were effectively invulnerable to ground fire, the helicopters were within easy range, as were the ground troops Wolfowitz had so casually thrown into this diversionary battle for geopolitical reasons.

"Mafkarat al-Islam witnessed more than 400 Resistance fighters in al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah in numerous detachments made up of eight to 10 men each. They took part alternately in attacks on the US forces, in such a way that the barrage on the Americans never ceased. Six rockets or mortar shells struck the Americans every 10 minutes. The correspondents observed the Resistance fighters moving around the field, eight men to a vehicle, and each vehicle equipped with a rocket launcher, some fixed to the car, others for use on the ground.

"The reporters observed several Katyusha launchers, capable of firing more than 30 rockets at one time. Mafkarat al-Islam observed that the Resistance fired 50 high powered Tariq rockets and more than 75 Grads. More than 250 other rockets were fired, including Cobras, Congresses, SPG9s CETs C5Ks and RPG7s. For their part the Americans used heavy artillery, sophisticated rockets and guided missiles in their attacks."

Are you surprised that the prestigious 'New York Times' failed to report even a single column inch about this massive firefight raging just to the south of Baghdad?

Perhaps the journalists were all watching American football, while the editorial management team lunched extravagantly somewhere on Wall Street. If ever there were a prize offered for proof of the American and British media's utter subservience to the Zionist Cabal, this unseen and unheard battle would win that prize in a flash.

You may consider Mafkarat al-Islam's later claims of the total number of Americans killed as pure propaganda, though it is difficult to see what they would gain from it, because their reportage is essentially for internal consumption. But even if they got a little over enthusiastic and doubled the number of actual dead on the battlefield, the total number of body bags would still be mind-numbing for Americans at home, fed as they are on a daily diet of lies and deceit by their own media.

Never forget that when this is all over, and a proper phone poll is conducted of all those who have lost a loved one in Iraq, the final number will be approximately double that publicly admitted by the American Government. Five days ago, accurate sources inside the Pentagon were estimating 2,172 dead against the publicly declared 1,080.

"In al-Yusufiyah, the US lost four amphibious armored vehicles and one Abrams tank destroyed. The Abrams was dragged by another armored vehicle away from the scene of the fighting. Three other tanks were disabled as were 3 troop carriers. Seven Humvees were destroyed. Twenty-seven US troops were killed and five others captured by the Resistance.

"In al-Latifiyah, four Abrams tanks, two Bradley armored vehicles, six Humvees, three troop carriers, and one small troop transport were destroyed, killing 54 Americans in all there. The Resistance lost between 25 and 30 fighters killed as a result of Cobra missile attacks on their vehicles."

Thousands of miles away in London, the dribbling Mr Blair waited to receive his orders from Wall Street, because he too was determined to be as 'popular' as Prime Minister Howard in Australia when he own election came around. The orders arrived in surprisingly mild form, as a request for "British troops from Basra to be deployed in an operation to help United States troops poised for an assault on the rebel stronghold of Fallujah."

Apparently the troops were to used as relatively low-risk 'back fill', i.e. all they had to do was stand there and hold and water the horses, while the brave American soldiers went after the hard cases in Fallujah, known locally as The City of Mosques. Unsurprisingly perhaps, neither Blair nor Defence Minister Hoon would say exactly where they would be going, apart from "not to Baghdad or Fallujah".

It was left to The Independent, Robert Fisk's newspaper in London, to break the news in a very low profile report on 18 October, which stated, "British troops may be deployed to one of the most violent flashpoints in Iraq in an operation to help United States troops poised for an assault on the rebel stronghold of Fallujah. Soldiers from the Black Watch may be deployed to Iskandariyah (between al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah), south of Baghdad, an area that has seen militants mount sustained attacks on US and Iraqi government forces, as well as the kidnap and murder of foreigners and Iraqis. The Americans claim to have 'pacified' the area in a military operation after it passed into the hands of insurgents for months. But it remains highly volatile."

Naturally enough, this meant nothing to the British public or to relatives of members of the Black Watch Regiment, because news about the massive battle just nine days earlier in that precise location was suppressed by the western media on orders from Wall Street. For those not familiar with British regiments, the Black Watch have already been threatened with disbandment, making them natural targets for the feral Geoff Hoon. Political blackmail is normally disarmingly simple, and this was no different. Hoon has effectively told the Black Watch to 'prove their worth' by deploying 650 men outside Basra under direct American [for which read 'Wolfowitz] command, or face their own accelerated regimental disbandment, disgrace, and unemployment.

During the same time frame Wolfowitz put the same hard word on the Australian Government, demanding that John Howard dispatch another 500 Australian troops to 'help out' in central Iraq, for which once again you should read al-Latifiyah and al-Yusufiyah. This of course out of gratitude for being electronically helped across the line at the Australian Election on October 9. Unfortunately for Wolfowitz, the Australian Government justifiably seemed more afraid of the Australian military than of Wall Street this time, and on October 18 a stuttering and visibly shaken Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said that Australia could not spare any more men.

Clearly Howard and Downer have made a mistake, because when Wall Street makes a request of a subordinate nation like Australia, it is not really a request at all, but an imperial decree from the Zionist Cabal. There will be serious payback for this gross disobedience, though it will be a while before the neocons figure out how to punish Australia. Perhaps they will shoot or behead a handful of Australian soldiers already in Iraq, or perhaps they will decide to plant one of those nice ersatz 'al-Qaeda' bombs in Sydney. At this point in time it is impossible to say which one is the more likely, because no sane analyst in the world can possibly work out the deranged thought patterns of clinically insane Zionists.

Naturally enough it is reasonable to ask what the exact reason is behind arranging a giant bloodbath for British and Australian troops in a Republican Guard stronghold where the defenders dispatched 81 American soldiers in a single day, and are just itching to dispatch 81 more if they are stupid enough to get in range. Well, Wolfowitz's exfiltration route west to Jordan is extremely important to the neocons as a whole, requiring a massive diversion that will pull Republican Guard fighters in from as far away as Ar Ramadi and Fallujah, thereby minimizing the risks to a very special convoy leaving Baghdad for Israel, via Jordan.

Since America first illegally invaded Iraq, special neocon mercenary teams have been quietly pillaging and stockpiling gold and other bullion reserves, plus precious gems and some art work. There was always a risk that America might not be able to hold Iraq, or even successfully steal its oil reserves, so the neocons built in a fall back plan to take care of their retirement needs, including false passports and any overseas properties needed to escape trial and execution at the forthcoming War Crimes Tribunal.

The original plan was to fly the booty out in small shipments, but flying out of Baghdad at all suddenly became too risky. Then road convoys became too risky, leading to a large and unwieldy accumulation of booty in Baghdad.

As of June this year the neocon teams had accumulated just over six tons dead weight of gold and other bullion, precious gems, and assorted works of art. By now that total is probably closer to eight tons, and the neocon thieves know only too well that America cannot hold out in Iraq for much longer.

The intent is to split the bullion into two separate fast convoys [no heavy armor], both intended to head west well to the north of Fallujah when the diversionary attacks are in full swing. For any members of the Republican Guard reading this, beware of Apache attack helicopters flying at low level. Convoy air protection will consist solely of Apaches carrying full loads of Hellfire missiles, stationed at fuel dumps pre-positioned along the classified convoy route.

So, in the end, we will be left wondering exactly what this illegal invasion was all about. Why were American troops ordered to illegally invade a sovereign nation, and why did their spineless senior officers obey illegal orders and allow it to happen? The problem in America is Old Glory. Children are taught to salute and respect it to the point where a simple flag becomes both the excuse and rallying point for staggering war crimes including Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq.

All that Wolfowitz and his cheap neocon crooks needed was find a big impressive version of Old Glory, claim superior rank based on size and quality of cloth, and then tell the rest of America what to do. The entire pathetic charade reminds me of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn.

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