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Author:written by Joe Vialls posted by jc
Tue, Oct 26th, 2004 08:12:23 AM
Topic: Ambush or Execution?

In scenes chillingly reminiscent of Special Operations Executive liaisons with the French Resistance during World War II, dead Iraqi traitors who callaborated with the invaders lie on the ground in neat rows, as a warning to others who might also wish to betray their own people for a handful of shekels.

Police Firing Squad Executes 50 Iraqi Traitors
While these collaborators were being shot on their way back from American training in the Kurdish area, the CIA was busily smuggling hostages out of Iraq for use as bargaining chips in the future, and arranging a little payback for disobedient Australian puppet John Howard

Copyright Joe Vialls, 26 October 2004

Any italics printed in these Iraqi reports are direct quotes from 'Mafkarat al-Islam' journalists, who are permanently embedded with the Republican Guard and Mehdi Army across Iraq. For security reasons, the individual counter-insurgency units they accompany are referred to only as "The Resistance"

Sleeping with the enemy has always been a hazardous business, but never more dangerous than it is in Iraq today, where young and old show their hatred of all American invaders and local collaborators in the most practical way possible. THe streets of Baghdad are not used by unarmed leftist demonstrators carrying banners reading "America Out!", but instead provide fast urban transit routes for Iraqi citizens armed with everything from a simple revolver to a heavy machine gun. Some loyal citizens even park their cars out on the streets, so their garages can be used as temporary storage facilities for single and multiple barrel Katyusha rocket launchers, mortars, and recoilless anti-tank weapons operated by trained members of the Republican Guard and Mehdi Army.

At the last realistic poll in September (not conducted by the western media), approximately 97% of all Iraqis wanted the Americans, British, and Australians out of their country, with most of them prepared to fight and die to achieve that objective. Their hearts are filled with hatred for the 'demons' who kill their wives and children every day in order to steal Iraq's oil reserves, and payback is swift when possible.

Whenever an American is stupid enough to stick his head six inches too far out of the turret of a tank or armored car, there always seems to be a powerful AK 54 aimed and ready to pump a 7.62-mm bullet through his right or left ear. The fury of the citizen snipers is ice-cold and tightly controlled, meaning they very rarely miss their targets. If a sniper should miss with his first round he never fires a second, thereby denying the invaders the ability to backtrack the source of fire and destroy his house with a 120-mm high explosive shell from an Abrams tank gun.

Yes indeed, Baghdad in 2004 is now exactly the same as Palestine in 2002 and 2003, where invaders with enormous firepower slaughter the local residents day after day, in the hope that they will finally "see the [quasi-Christian or quasi Judaic] light", and humbly allow themselves to be enslaved by western religious bigots running a dual agenda.

It is only when viewed in this manner, that it is possible to see the clinical insanity behind and still driving this illegal invasion, which continually and pathetically tries to mimic the activities of Ghengis Khan in the twenty-first century. And rest assured it is a special form of clinical insanity, where the perpetrators are determined not to be denied. Though all psychiatry can reasonably be regarded by ordinary people as meaningless mumbo jumbo for the rich, its devotees would probably suggest the closest Freudian diagnosis for these religious fruitcakes would be "Obsessive-compulsive psychotic schizophrenics" .

As an irritatingly even-handed analyst, I frequently get labeled as a "Muslim lover" or "Jew hater", but this is only because I refuse to bend over a table in the Religious Right's padded asylum, and allow a shrink to shove a syringe full of Thorazine [or whatever else he fancies] into my backside. In reality, along with millions of others on the Internet, I am a simple nationalist who believes that every country has the perfect right to its own sovereignty and culture, without the slightest interference by certifiable maniacs haunted by mad global ambitions. It is a hard fact that the Muslims are completely innocent this time around, with America, Britain and Australia totally vulnerable to war crimes charges in the International Court.

To have any chance of understanding Iraq today, and why America will eventually be beaten and thoroughly humiliated, it is essential to first shrug off every trace of the sickly cloying propaganda continually spewed out by CNN and the ABC, because until you do, you are destined to remain one of the dumb 'sheeple', forever stumbling around in the same paddock of poisoned grass, looking for something more palatable to eat, but unable to find it.

You really must imagine that the graphic pictures of the children above, are really pictures of your own children in your own home town, being enticed by a Russian Communist illegal invader holding handfuls of candy. This is "Stranger Danger!" gone beserk, is it not, because this kiddie fiddler is wearing body armor and also has a large phallic machine gun at his side. So how do you feel now, Mr and Mrs America?

Will you stand idly by and allow your young son or daughter to be anally probed by the Russian Communist invader, or will you pick up the nearest rifle and shoot him right between the eyes? Put in these terms, the answer becomes self-evident, and this is precisely how Iraqi moms and dads also feel about their own small children being enticed by illegal American invaders. The only reason you didn't know this already, is because CNN and the ABC have managed to brainwash you into believing that Iraq is a natiion of "Muslim Terrorists", when in reality Iraq is the very birthplace of western civilization as we know it, with unbroken cultural ties and traditions going back 3,000 years, against America's mere 300 years.

So there you are, Mr and Mrs America. You have now shot your very first Russian Communist invader between the eys on American soil, and only have about 129,996 left to kill. Then, to your horror, the Russian Communist invaders visit the local penitentiaries and do a deal with every piece of low life scum your courts previously incacerated for grevious bodily harm, rape, pack rape, pedophilia, manslaugher and murder. "You will be the new American Army", the Russian Communists tell the assembled prisoners, and of course they happily agree. The Russians give the released low life scum some old guns, a bit of rudimentary military training, and tell them to go and find out who is trying to stop Russian Communism from taking over America 'peacefully for the good health and wellbeing of the people'.

Naturally enough, this takes us back to the unpleasant pictures at the top of this page, of bodies laid out in neat rows about 135 miles east-north-east of Baghdad. CNN and the ABC have already told you that these corpses are those of, "Poor unemployed Iraqis who joined the Iraqi Army to help bring democracy to the people." You can check this independently, because the words are still on their American web sites. They also said that these members of the "Iraqi Army" were returning from rest and recuperation in Basra, but that was a lie.

One of the first things the CIA did when America illegally invaded Iraq, was visit the prisons and offer all of Iraq's legally incarcerated low life scum 'jobs', which helped to free up lots of space in establishments like Abu Ghraib for political prisoners, and female hostages [normally the wives of senior Iraqi officers]; the latter held as bait or bargaining chips, and for the occasional depraved sexual pleasure of the American intelligence torturers.

Knowing that defeat was inevitable, the CIA started shipping the female prisoner hostages out of Iraq two months ago, to secret locations in the Middle East where they could still be used as bargaining chips after America was forced out of Iraq. And powerful chips they may yet be. In one particular case, the American equivalent would be kidnapping, unlawfullly holding, and sexually abusing the wife of four-star General Colin Powell, when he was still Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff some years ago.

On Monday an Israeli Special Forces "Taxi Bomb" exploded alongside a handful of Australian armored vehicles in Baghdad, which were helpfuly pointed along this unusual route, and thus directly into the ambush, by American intelligence. Three soldiers were injured, one severely. Final warning for Australia's puppet Prime Minister John Howard to cough up the extra 500 Aussie troops demanded by Wall Street for Iraq, or else the next bomb will be a whole lot bigger, and the target might not be protected by armor...

The 50 "Iraqi Army Soldiers" who were "ambushed" [to quote the mainstream media...] were not 'guardian angels of American democracy' returning from rest and recuperation in Basra as claimed, but low life scum from Iraq's prisons, who had been receiving American training in the Kurdish area of Iraq, further to the north. Every one of these men should have been in prison, but were released by the CIA after the invasion. At the same time, the CIA undermined and dispersed the legitimate Iraqi police and judicial systems, reasoning that by simply filling the two vacuums with their own puppets, law and order would automatically fall smoothly into American hands. Predictably, CIA reasoning was horribly wrong, and nowadays the exact reverse is happening.

In line with most countries, Iraqi law is rigid and inflexible in a time of war, and working for the enemy is still classed as treason, punishable in Iraq by the death sentence, carried out by firing squads drawn from the military or police force. Protocol requires that wherever practicable, the firing squad(s) should be comprised of uniformed personnel.

Every Iraqi who agrees to wear an American puppet uniform during the occupation is immediately documented by the proper authorities as a traitor, and then sentenced to death in absentia by an Iraqi magistrate or judge. His or her execution by firing squad or other practical means is expected to follow at the earliest opportunity, as indeed it would be expected in America, if the roles were reversed.

The first anyone knew about these fifty executions was when two breathless witnesses (who were fairly obviously allowed to escape for exactly this purpose), arrived in Baghdad with the news that the southbound convoy had been stopped at an Iraqi police road block, and the men ordered out of the vehicles to have their ID cards examined. This was and still is a matter of routine in the dangerous "Sunni Triangle", and the convoy drivers made the fatal error of assuming that the police manning the road block were American puppets like themselves. Alas, they were not...

The road block was manned by real Iraqi policemen in immaculate uniforms, who knew the names and records of every man in the convoy, all of whom were under written sentence of death on the signature of an Iraqi judge. Realising too late that they were facing an official field firing squad, twelve of the men tried to escape in one of the trucks, but the police were ready for that. Two police backstops fired a pair of rocket propelled HE grenades into the rear of the truck, a procedure that was legally covered under the 'or by any other practical means' in the execution warrant. All twelve traitors died in the resulting fireball.

It was all over for the rest, who in common with many men facing official execution, quietly went into shock until a single bullet to each head put out their lights for ever. Following their order to the letter, the firing squad lined the corpses in neat rows along the road, so that they could later be given proper burials by their relatives, or by anyone else who cared. Then the firing squad stood smartly to attention, before boarding their four wheel drives and returning home, their judicial duties accomplished with exemplary military precision.

Word about this ceremonial event, the first formal mass execution of traitors since the illegal American invasion in 2003, spread like wildfire the length and breadth of Iraq, serving to remind ordinary everyday Iraqis that sleeping with the enemy was punishable by death, and the legitimate Baathist Government would accept no excuse for such behavior.

The overun psychological effect on Americans and others foreigners in Iraq is equally obvious. Rather than just facing some fictitious hidden 'al-Qaeda terrorist' firing from long range, notice has now been officially served that it is OK to be terrified of the friendly local cop on traffic duty, who might also suddenly and without warning decide to grace your forehead with a third eye.

A strange American man entices small Iraqi children towards his car with handfuls of candy, while-like minded strange men sent from the Jewish State, bribe other small Iraqi children to throw their symbolic plastic defensive weapons onto a fire. Read the next exciting instalment of this ongoing and thrilling saga in the November edition of "The Wall Street Pedophile Monthly"

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