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Sun, Oct 31st, 2004 10:33:46 AM
Topic: Crested Bird Heads? Really?

This chuval was posted for sale on the internet by dennis dodds and in keeping with his penchant for sliding down the slippery slope of farcical rug-attribution, mr. doubly dangerous has done it again.

Here is the sales patter dodds included with his offer:
”An appealing, deep juval with several rows of 'crazy,' twisted Sy knots that Tsareva has associated with an early period of weaving, generally thought to be pre-1850.
Archetypal guls with single-crested birdheads show good lift and are well-spaced.
The dramatic serrated leaves in the elem display a pale yellow dye that is also indicative of considerable age, together with the rosy madder found in Arabachi and Eagle-group weavings.
There is an attractive green.
A deep aubergine ground provides a sharp contrast for the classic elements.
An authentic, large and early example, somewhat coarsely woven, with good character and a special sense of being quite old."

What’s wrong here, a number of you readers might ask? RK.com says plently.

First off this Yomut chuval is a good example but why dodds has to splurge out with such absurdities like “good lift”(what in heaven’s name is he trying to say?) and “a special sense of being quite old” is beyond our comprehension – and it should be yours too.

After being around the rug world for as long as he has, someone like dodds should have surely progressed past using such meaningless, and in our opinion amateurish, descriptive terms.

But perhaps the point we find most objectionable is his reference to “crested bird-heads”. Here is a close-up detail where we have added a white-circle around what we suspect is dodds’s myopic “crested bird-head” reference. Unfortunately for dd this convention is a common one and definitely not anything worth blowing one’s horn about, let alone striking up the band for.

Plus we feel dating this chuval to the first half of the 19th century might be optimistic as mid-century is more like it.

It’s a much better than average example - RK.com doesn’t find it historic, particularly beautiful or evocative - and presented as such would elicit no comment from us. But when dodds, or anyone else, trumps material like this up to heaven’s gate we feel obligated to set the record straight.

And about that “lift” dd refers to? The only “lift” we can suspect is happening here is the “lift” he hopes he will be able to carry out on some client’s pocket-book. Guess he needs some more boodle to help pay for that “new venue” he so proudly advertised along with this chuval.

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