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Author:written by Kurt Nimmo posted by jc
Tue, Nov 2nd, 2004 01:02:40 AM
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Deck chairs on the Titanic
by Kurt Nimmo
Another Day in the Empire
Nov. 1, 2004

I'm tired, unable to write much.

It is three days before the election. I'm not immobilized by fear or dread like millions of Americans. Rather I am immobilized by resignation. I feel like a man on a sinking ship minus lifeboats or life preservers. I'm sitting in a deck chair aftward on the Titanic, otherwise known as America, waiting for the end of life as we know it.

Nothing cataclysmic will happen on November 2. Here in New Mexico the sun will rise over an untroubled desert and people will get up and go about their business as usual. My neighbor will walk his dog. FedEx will deliver packages. Cops will write speeding tickets. Pizza will be delivered. Construction will plod along on the new store around the corner. Outwardly everything will seem absolutely the same.

Beneath the humdrum surface however a volcano is seething, angrily burbling, ready to explode in our faces.

By midnight we will know if Bush will be "re-elected" or Kerry elected to serve as the next president of the United States (or the CEO of America, Inc., as I call it, because the presidency is owned by multinational corporations and rich people). Or maybe we will not know because the "race" will be close and the Democrats -- who are actually a Lite, somewhat more approachable, although certainly as corrupt and double-dealing version of the Republicans -- will contest the election and the whole thing will end up in court again. Maybe the tension will crawl on past Christmas. Maybe the Supreme Court will appoint Bush again. Or maybe there will a terrorist attack and martial law will be imposed. Or maybe Kerry will win and Bush will leave office and take the unpleasant and hateful Straussian neocons with him. Or Bush will win and Kerry will concede and there will be exuberant tickertape parades and boastful speeches on AM radio where reactionaries hold court every day.

Regardless, the ship is going down. It's taking on water as I write this.

Our national debt is monstrous and unimaginably burdensome and will soon crush the life out of us. I don't claim to know much about economics. But I know the government cannot continue to borrow money and pass the bill on to future generations. It's untenable. It's criminal. Clinton held a surplus and Bush reduced that surplus to a whirling black hole of debt in less than four years. It is now beginning to suck everything in. If you look close you can see things straining and shuddering at their moorings. Inflation. Unemployment. Gas prices out of control. States with no money to fix roads and schools and bridges. Personal bankruptcy on the increase. Like a hurricane not too far off these things now merely rattle the windows but all too soon will violently tear the roof off our collective house. It's only a matter of time. And most of us are oblivious.

I want to go back to writing novels and short stories. But I can't because there are five alarm fire bells reverberating inside my head. It is not simply the fact I am unemployed and the economy is about to crash and burn.

It is also the fact our government was hijacked by extreme right-wing criminals who are determined to invade numerous countries and slaughter innumerable people. It is the fact these criminals and their accomplices have eviscerated the Constitution and butchered the Bill of Rights. I can't go back to writing novels and short stories until the alarm bells stop caterwauling inside my head. I'm not sure they ever will.

I have a bad feeling about all of this. November 2 will not change anything, regardless of who is the CEO of America, Inc. John Kerry has promised to out-Bush Bush in Iraq. He's onboard with indiscriminate murder and imposing the neoliberal order (some call this the New World Order) on humanity, especially those who have natural resources. He's a Skull and Bones elitist. Kerry is an outwardly kinder and gentler Bush and if he is chosen on November 2 nothing will change.

But I don't think he will be chosen because the American people are scared shitless of our engineered and pre-packaged Emmanuel Goldsteins who wear turbans and slice off heads and were trained at the CIA's Camp Peary. Enough people will vote for Bush because he is more ruthless and mean-spirited and the people -- ill-educated, intellectually incurious, and brainwashed by Fox News and CNN -- believe he will do a better job of dealing with (that is to say mass murdering) the terrorists, many who are admittedly religious whack jobs, although they are whack jobs initially financed and trained in the United States (our government spent $6 billion to create the radical Muslim variety of terrorist).

Somewhere there is a photograph of Ronald Reagan conferring with the Taliban. Now the same Taliban are killing boys and girls from Nebraska and New Jersey in Afghanistan where Bush and the Pentagon have no right to be. In Iraq the resistance is killing boys and girls from Colorado and Connecticut with weapons sold to Saddam by Reagan and Dubya's old man. It is a hellhole sold to the American people by Straussian snake oil salesmen.

It is a big swooshing whorl of insanity and coagulated blood and spattered guts and I have absolutely no idea what to do in order to make it stop. I know for damn sure voting will not make it stop.

So I sit in my deck chair. And wait. (ed. So do all of us, even those of you who think everything’s OK)

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