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Author:Allan Cradduck
email: alycan@shaw.ca
Thu, Nov 4th, 2004 08:34:10 PM
Topic: ersari torba C1870-80

Hi all,

I have a few questions regarding the esari torba

(thanks to jc).It has been passed down through the family from my mother,who valued it as being of some importance.

My question is: how does design,color,arrangement of patterns,establish what tribal group made the item.

I have been looking and comparing photos of other carpets for a number of years without success. I realize their are many distinct field motifs,which help in the identification process,guls,botehs,palmettes,rosettes,as well as the numerous border motifs.

Some of these motifs are used by a number of different tribes,which makes identification difficult for the newbie.

My interest was piqued when I saw a carpet with some similarities in jc's article,"turkmen trappings"(first picture in the article detailing Turkmenistan in Exhibition Three Part 1)

Its great to have a site where questions,ideas etc can be exchanged.
Thanks Allan

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