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Author:posted by jc
Sat, Nov 13th, 2004 07:26:24 PM
Topic: Fact or Fiction: US Wants Ceasefire?


In a move that surprised news media, American requests cease fire in Fallujah.

American occupiers employed loud speakers to request a cease fire in the city to begin negotiations. According to Islam Memo's correspondent, heavy US losses are the main reason behind the American request. In the mean time, the puppet Allawi government, in an effort to save face, announced that they want to save innocent lives. Interesting indeed considering the hospital were the first facilities to be taken out and it have been the US and their Allawi collaborators have are the ones who have prevented aid from reaching the city.

Observers in Fallujah believe that the large American contingency currently surrounded and under siege by Mujahideen in the city also factors in to the request to halt military confrontations. Friday was a big turning point in Mujahideen favor. In Al-Jumjuria street alone, there are more than 40 destroyed and burnt tanks. Furthermore, the attack which destroyed the ice factory which housed tons of equipment, mechanized vehicles, and munitions, put a big damper on U.S. operations in Fallujah. With a great deal of fireworks planned for Eid, the Americans would be smart to quit while they still can.

This is an early report in. More detail to come as they are available.(JUS)

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