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Topic: The Reason for the IRAQ WAR?

US has established three bases to guard the Mosul-Haifa pipeline

H-3 has a combat regiment and an air wing
Camp Korean Village is located in a remote stretch of Iraq's western desert, close to the Syrian-Iraq border, and near the highway that connects Jordan with Baghdad. Ar Rutbah is the closest town to Camp Korean Village, also dubbed "Camp KV". Camp Korean Village is believed to be located at one of the H-3 facilities.

1st Marine Division's Regimental Combat Team 7, which help the Iraqis run checkpoints along the Syrian and Jordanian borders and patrol western Iraq.

H-2 is an Airbase
H-2 Airbase is located in Southern Iraq approximately 350 kilometers West of Baghdad. The airfield is served by two runways 12,600 and 8,800 feet long. H-2 occupies a 41 square kilometer site and is protected by a 26 kilometers security perimeter.

H-1 is an airbase
H-1 Airbase is located in Southern Iraq. The 2d Air Defense Sector, also known as the Western Air Defense Sector, had a SOC at H-3 Airfield, with IOCs at H-1 Airfield, H-3 Airfield, and Ar Rutbah.

The US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment captured H1 airfield in a night-time parachute assault on 25 March 2003.

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