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Author:Muhammad Abu Nasr posted by jc
Sun, Nov 21st, 2004 02:27:21 PM
Topic: What the Other Side Says re:Fallujah

Resistance Targets Rear US Fallujah Positions; Chemcial Weapons Use In South Expected

Nov 21, 2004
By Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice; Edited by JUS

Resistance forces located in al-‘Amiriyah continued their bombardments of US troop concentrations around Fallujah on Saturday, attacking the rear lines of the aggressors from launching new powerful Ababil missiles, as well as Tariqs and Grads.

Beginning on Friday, Mujahideen blasted US troop concentrations south and north of the city. Fighters in the “at-Taji Arm” fired more than 40 rockets, including 10 highly destructive Ababil missiles, and the rest powerful Tariq and Grad rockets. That bombardment continued into Saturday, when the “at-Taji Arm” fired more than 21 rockets, of which six were the powerful Ababil, and the rest Tariqs and Grads.

At 2pm Saturday, Mujahideen fired eight rockets and then fired another eight more shortly before sundown. All of those missiles were launched from al-‘Amiriyah.

US troop concentrations in the as-Sakani neighborhood west of Fallujah, in the al-Barradat Field between the old and the new bridges, at the command point located near the new bridge, as well as the US concentrations on the southern edges of the city were all targeted on Saturday.

This has been the third day in which the Mujahideen has mounted such a qualitatively new level of operations, in particular making use of the highly destructive Ababil rockets. On Friday, more than nine fires could be seen burning in US vehicles south of the city.

Informed sources think it is likely that the US occupation troops would use chemical weapons in the southern half of the city, after their failure to break through Resistance defenses using more conventional weaponry. The American invaders resorted to the use of chemical weapons in their attacks on the northern half of the city in recent days.

Meanwhile US troops have destroyed most of the private cars that they have found in Fallujah, out of fear that they might be used in martyrdom car bombing missions against their forces.

In other news, a member of the Fallujah Mujahideen organization told the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent that the Mujahideen would continue fighting against the occupation to the last drop of their blood or at least until their ammunition was exhausted.

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