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Mon, Nov 22nd, 2004 09:01:25 PM
Topic: Nagel Fall Sale Results

The sale results are in and, as predicted, it was not a pretty picture. Of the lots we previewed only three, lots 42, 110 and 171, sold and the 500-euro over estimate lots 42 and 110 made nothing more than equally dismal. The fact a rug like lot 110, estimated a 1500-euro, even sold and above estimate at that is in our minds nothing to write home about. Perhaps the new owner is more interested in warming his feet on those zehr kalt Deutscher nachts than delighting his eyes. Horses for courses and that nag’s place, is undoubtedly, better underfoot than anywhere else more prominent.

Assigning blame for poor results like this cannot, and should not, be placed on anyone person or factor. There are a myriad of forces, like the weak dollar vs. high euro, that can end up combining to create such weak results.

As we predicted neither of those two bogus Turkish rugs, lots 10 and 11, sold, although supposedly there is someone interested in purchasing lot 10 in the post sale process some auctioneers in Europe often adopt to move goods unsold on auction day.

The unusual Chinese rug, lot 54, had a very high estimate and while we thought it would sell, albeit at a lower figure, it, too, failed to rally any support.

But it wasn’t only high estimates that dampened bidding spirit as lot 64 showed. This splendid, and early for its type, Beshir long rug carried a low 4,500 euro estimate but regardless of the bargain it was at that figure it also did not elicit any waving paddles.

Although its estimate was 10 times higher, and in our estimation well worth it, same went for the classy, but rewoven, Caucasian floral main carpet – unsold.

The unsold status of lots 102 and 103 should not be surprising as these rugs were nothing short of poor representations of the weaving artistry genuinely old Turkish rugs embody. Lot 171 sold for 200 euro under its reasonable 2200-euro estimate but lot 191, a rare and early Nurata Suzani, also with a lowish estimate – that reflected its condition problems – failed to find a new owner.

Again proving high estimates are not the cause of lots going unsold, lot 277, a damaged but well drawn and old Turkmen main carpet, which we thought probably was Eagle-Group, failed to reach the 750 joke of an estimate it carried. Why? Rk.com chalks it up to the lack of knowledge and taste – and obsession with condition - that almost always rules collector buys. Granted condition is important but when mediocre and less weavings sell, and exemplary but damaged ones don’t, it proves there actually aren’t many real collectors and that folks is the main problem the rug world suffers.

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