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Author:Steve Price
email: sprice@hsc.vcu.edu
Sun, Apr 27th, 2014 05:06:01 AM
Topic: Miscellany, and some legal matters

It has been sometime since RK has taken the time and energy to prove what a rug-idiot former Virginia Tech chemistry professor steve price continues to prove himself.

Frankly, price interests RK about as much as a moth-infested Hamadan cushion but his website, turk0tek.com, and its mostly nonsensical kindergarten level 'discussions', belong as RK has insisted for many years as a private email group and not a public website.

RK has been asked a number of times about our ongoing disgust of price, his website and why we even bother.

Below is our original reply to a post by price made in 2002, which was the year RugKazbah.com went online.

So for all of you who also are wondering why we bother, we think this 11 year old exchange makes things perfectly clear.


price=clown : listen up bub...Anything from tukotek.com that appears on RK.com is here for educational, non-commercial purposes and CLEARLY marked as such. Plus credit(sic) is also CLEARLY given.

One of those purposes, clown, is open discussion by anyone, a feature that doesn't exist on your website. And by the way, steev, anyone includes me.

You cite the fair "copywrite" laws(because in your case ,steev, nothing is right) to support your supposed claim, well steev, those laws were instituted to keep someone from plagarizing or deriving commercial or other benefits from the use of another person work and any action seeking to utilize them MUST show what benefit was derived or there was uncredited use.

You can do neither, as credited is stated and RK.com nor myself gains any financial benefit by the credited use you are whining about.

Nor on the other side was there any harm done.

That action, steev, would be just as impossible for you to prove because no-one could harm your reputation as a rug scholar(sic) more than you have by posting crap like I have critiqued.

You have already received a call from my legal rep. and he is also handling any legal matters for RK.com.

In other words, steev, go sue me or RK.com and I will be glad to not only defend what you dont like now but also whatever I decide to do in the future.

As for the logging IP addresses our site, RK.com does it in the least intrusive way, only for the purposes that have been CLEARLY stated and we allow anonymity for use of ALL aspects of our site.

Your piddly puddle of a website, turk0notek, not only logs addresses but prevents ANY use of the site without the most intrusive level of screening-- the hands on censoring each use is subject to by you and your cronies.

And Cloubland.com has far more intrusive software on their site that explains their use of the information, which includes profiling,(a practise RK.com DOESN'T do or condone), requires registration to access many of their functions, and anonymity is highly discouraged there and totally PREVENTED on your site.

RK.com system is really open and transparent for all users and if the anonymouse posters who have been drilled full of holes by me tried to do the same shenanagins on Cloubland marcuson would just remove their posts and on your site, steev, its impossible because you screen and hand censor EVERYTHING.

And remember you instituted this practice because I posted TRUTH and truthful comments and critique and you couldn't stop me so you decided to close the site down to anyone other than those APPROVED by you and your cronies, who by the way are as rug-challenged as you, steev.

And marcuson closed down the discussion board because I posted truthful and supportable facts about him and his career in response to the blantantly deceitful lies and innuendo he wrote about me.

Now, about your claim to have only posted under your own name and our knowing it, what does that have to do with the cost of living in Siberia?

As even a clown like you knows, logging an IP address does not signify who is doing the typing nor does it reveal any infomation other than a string of numbers that require stringent legal approvals to associate with the individual or entity who is the registered owner of that address.

Plus, rock brain, you can always go to another computer and post from that, can't you steev.

So take your worthless threats of legal actions, your persistent taunts, your stupid, ingnorant opinions about rugs and carpets, your pseudo-ex-purt posing as anything other than a low-level collector of airport art, and shove them between that dark crevasse you spend most of your days and nights sitting on.

Have a nice day, steev. 


Hi Jack,

Since you log the IP addresses for every post, you know perfectly well that every post I've made has been under my own name and with my e-mail address attached. Perhaps it's time for you to stop claiming that I have been posting under pseudonyms.

I note some images from Turkotek that are now on RugKazbah. Since these pieces are not on the market, the copyright law does not permit you to reproduce them on this site without my permission, and you do not have my permission. I see some lengthy quotations from Turkotek, too, and I believe some of them exceed the kind of brief excerpting that the Fair Use clause permits. Since I am advised to use proper legal language in this matter, this notice constitutes a formal demand that those items be removed from www.rugkazbah.com.

Steve Price

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